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Rating: 3.14/5 - 3809 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

Stick Squad is back in business, shooting enemies and tracking down a new menace! 4th episode in our awesome stick sniper series. This time, a young billionaire, with his own agenda, will send our two assassins, Damien Walker and Ron Hawkings, on a twisting lead.



Mouse to aim and shoot, Arrow keys to calibrate.




#3 DMC 2016-06-28 20:27
I like this series, played part 1 here on this site, then did part 2 and part 3 of the series on another site, then back here for part 4. The missions are varied and tough enough to keep you entertained. I did consult the walk through for a couple missions in each part of the series. I will say the last mission in this one is especially tough.

Anyway, I give this game 4/5
#2 fergusferret 2015-09-29 02:11
kill and do it quick and fast is the name of this one and you cab spam levels to gain cash to upgrade weapons, weapon abilities and you can see how quick you can do the jobs.

all in all another mediocre shooting game.

#1 earth 2015-09-27 19:26
normal stick sniper game except better background graphics, otherwise game is normal kill stick figures in right order and earn money and upgrade and buy more guns, graphic wise (backgrounds not counted) game is same as other games in genre and same applies to sounds and music.

overall nice game but basically its same game as other stick snipers.

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