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Eukarion Tales: Origin

Game Guide


Use your mouse to interact with the game. You can move your character, use objects, and perform actions simply by clicking, or by using drag and drop.


To move, simply click on the place you want to go to. To attack an enemy simply click on that enemy.


To save your progress, change the options and pause the game click on the OPTION/SAVE button in the upper right corner of the screen.


When you start the game the “auto attack” option will be active. That means when you click an enemy, your character will attack until they die, unless you change your target.

When you kill an enemy your character will stop fighting until you select another target.


To toggle the “auto attack” option off or on, click on the options/save button then switch from “Auto On” to “Auto Off”.


To use potions and special abilities equipped in your fast access slots, simply click the icons on the interface, or press the keys (1 to 9) that match the slot you wish to use.


The Inventory, Journal/Log, Characteristics, and Special Abilities screens can be accessed by clicking their icons. You can also directly access the Inventory by clicking ‘I’ on the keyboard.


If you have been hurt, or you have cast many spells then you can use potions to restore your life and mana points. You will notice that if you rest, (meaning you don't walk around and don't attack anyone), your life and mana points will slowly restore themselves.


The type of the attack you do will change depending on the equipment you select. Take care as some tough enemies (bosses marked by a red circle round their feet), can resist some kinds of attack.


All tasks still to be finished and the missions you have already completed will be recorded in your Journal (or Log).


Fighting and solving quests will give you wealth and experience points. These points will raise Marcus's level.


When achieving a new experience level you will receive "bonus points" that you can distribute between the characteristics and abilities of your character. You will also gain a "Special Ability Point" that will allow you to learn a new “Special Ability”.


During your adventures you will conquer, buy and trade great treasures and equipment. To evaluate them and to discover their powers, carefully read the pop up messages that appear when you select them in your inventory



As you move your mouse pointer around the world you will notice that it will change its shape depending on the actions you can do.


When the pointer doesn't change, you can click that place to move your character to that point.


When you move the pointer over an enemy the pointer will change to a sword. Just click on that enemy and you will move to attack them.

Collect objects

 When you pass the mouse over a collectable object the pointer will change to a hand. Click on the object to collect it. Remember though, the space in your backpack and your strength aren't unlimited!


If moving the mouse over a character shows a dialogue icon, then you can have a talk to that character. Just click on them to start talking then click again to continue a dialogue.


Access the inventory screen by pressing ‘I’ on the keyboard, or by clicking the inventory icon on the interface. You can drag and drop objects from your backpack (right side of the window) to the equipped item slots (left side of the window). You can only place scrolls and potions inside the 9 fast access slots.

Passing the pointer over an object in the inventory will show a pop up that explains its characteristics.


When you find a merchant you can trade objects and equipment with them. Click on the merchant and you will open the shop window, which shows items available to buy on the left and items you can sell on the right.

- To buy an item you simply have to drag and drop it from the merchant's wares to your inventory.

- To sell an item drag and drop it from your inventory to the merchant's inventory.

Read the popup information on each item to check its qualities before you buy, or sell it!


Click on the log icon to access your journal's entries. Click on the “titles of the quests” (left) to read more about your missions.

Special Abilities

Click on the Special Abilities icon on the interface to access the list of known abilities. When you open this book, if you have 1 or more special ability points left you can learn new abilities by clicking on the icons of those you want to learn.

Read the pop-ups explaining the effects of the spells, and the connections between them to plan your progress. Some special abilities can be learned only after others have been acquired, so choose your abilities carefully.


To equip a special ability, go to the Abilities book then place the ability you’d like into one of the slots on your belt (bottom part of the screen).

Remember that if you want to un-equip a special ability from the action bar the Abilities Book must be open!.

Inside the game, click on the special ability icon on the action bar to activate it.


Fast access slots: You can place potions and special abilities in these slots so that they are easily available during a fight. Simply click the keys from 1 to 9, or click on the potion/special ability you want to use.



Characteristic and ability values are expressed as [base value] / [current value]. Base values show your ability without any bonuses. Current values show the total once bonuses from equipment have been added.



Strength: The physical power of your character. Raises melee weapon damage and, combined with dexterity, affects hand to hand combat.


Dexterity: Agility and coordination. Needed for ranged attacks and hand to hand combat.


Constitution: Alters your health points.


Life points: The vital life energy of your character. If it reaches 0, Marcus dies. Life points slowly recover when you stop and don't perform any actions.


Mana points: Mystical energy used to cast spells. You will slowly recover your mana points when you don't perform any actions.


Intelligence: Your character's mental abilities. Affects the amount of bonus points you receive when you acquire a new level and influences your wisdom ability.


Spirit: Affects your magic power and is fundamental for spellcasting.




Melee: % of attack using melee weapons.


Ranged: % of attack using distance weapons.


Attack Type: The type of your attack with the currently equipped weapon.


Melee Defense: % of defense against melee attacks.


Ranged defense: % of defense against ranged attacks.


Magic defense: % of defense against magic attacks.


Knowledge: Culture and psycho-linguistic abilities. It affects shop prices.


Magical power: % of attack with the energy spheres in Mage Mode

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