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Discover the Secret of Kien! For 7,000 years the planet of Malkut has been wisely ruled by the 7 Masters of the Absolute. But chaos has been reborn as evil corrupts the Land of Harmony. The 7 Masters have vanished, mystical warriors were slaughtered, and the temples are doomed in blood. The only hope that remains is imprisoned in the hearts and wills of two young apprentices. Their fate is to fight evil, reveal the truth, and discover the secret of Kien.

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Kien-GBA-Standard-Edition (1).jpg
Fantasy Kommander_Art 05.jpg

Fantasy Kommander invites you to embark on a strategic journey through a medieval-inspired isometric realm of fantasy, with 90s style pre-rendered graphics for an immersive retro experience. Set on a hex map filled with diverse terrains, this operational-level strategy game presents a real high quality window into games of the past, with challenging battles, engaging character voice overs, and a competent AI opponent!

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Fantasy Kommander Eukarion Wars

Immerse yourself in the epic battles of Fantasy Kommander, a turn-based strategy game set in a European fantasy world. Lead your armies, master the battle system, and unravel the captivating storyline across four campaigns filled with heroes, quests, and powerful enemies.

Chroma Wars

A retro, turn-based strategy game on a square-map where you engage in techno-fantasy warfare! Command magical armies, repel abyssal foes, and conquer the world in high-skill strategic battles.

Eukarion Tales 2.jpg

Eukarion Tales 2

Embark on a dangerous adventure and do battle against the forces of Kaos. Complete quests to gain experience, learn new spells and abilities, and equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor. Relive this Flash Classic Today!

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A point & click action RPG set in a dark future. Explore sprawling cities, unravel mysteries, engage in epic battles, and navigate parallel dimensions. First released on proprietary engine in 2003, you may encounter bugs!

Eukarion Tales_Origins.jpg

Eukarion Tales: Origins

A retro-flash, isometric RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. Battle hordes of enemies, upgrade your abilities, and experience a deep, fantasy-filled storyline in a European Middle Age-inspired world!


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