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Cooking, nicely based on what I'll get from Fishing in Shilo
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 01 December 12:39 AM

Cooking, nicely based on what I'll get from Fishing in Shilo I was expecting to OSRS gold find this level... I need 333k experience to acquire this level although I only have 180k. Also can I ever burn pike/trout/salmon based on which I fish... and what would help me in not burning any of these fish. Ultimately, Runecrafting. I had been thinking of enjoying Tears of Guthix. I have 176 Quest Points therefore that I should be able to stay in there to get a sufficient amount of time. I am not sure how much experience I shall get out of that. Also what is the quickest way to get this level? I do not need to lose too much money... maybe 100k at the most. Thank you for the help. Ok, I know RuneScape took away Pk'ing but today they have"Pk'ing worlds". Now I never Pk'ed at the jungle before but today I want to do the Pk'ing worlds. So I please need some Pk'ing information which includes: 1 ). Which combat kind should I use? What should I wear and what if I have in stock? I can't think of anymore but toss in whatever you can think about... I'd really like to hear from people who do the Pk'ing worlds!!!

My old primary got prohibited. His title is All_boy_Fool. He was banned for something very dumb. He'd 0 blackmarks. I regained. Somehow, he recovered . . But no. He recovered. He should have gotten my info. Keylogger or some thing. After about 5 times, all my money was gone. I recovered, logged , and it had been banned. "Account Sharing" or something. So. I have a new chief. I have already tried submitting a question, etc.. He had been 1799 overall.

So far, I have decided I want to be a skiller. I like high overall levels. However, I don't want to be a combat noob. I want to do quests, all that good stuff. It is my chief. Hopefully with all the money I have earned I will acquire smithing into 60. I'll probably work on agility/thieving then. Or maybe hunter. Anyways - the point of the whole conversation. I have considered a one defense pure. I've believed a zerker. Another main, maybe?

So. Please put on your vote. Any other accounts suggestions are nice also. My name is:"Eval_Riz". Add me. I have no friends, as I came back to this game a month ago (when I had regained the primary in the year ago). I don't have lots of friends, as most of mine have abandoned. It would be great to get to Old School RuneScape Gold know someone. I started the accounts last week. I've been taking level screenies. I'll make a log eventually. Thanks.

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