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About us

We have been developing (Video) Games, since 2000. We believe Games, in particular the ancient essence of “Ludus”, do not have to prove anything to Culture, or to History. It is Culture and History that must understand they are ludic structures of a Mysterious Game. Follow our projects or write to us to get in touch with our research and vision of the changing Truths floating in the infinite CyberLudens Universes. P.S. Among other things, we are internationalists (not globalists), structurally lost in a vortex of cyber-existential contradictions. P.P.S. Ludus cannot be associated with a generic "playfulness" and does not mean (only, or mainly) “fun” and “carefree”.

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via Tridente 38/C, 70125 Bari (BA), Italia

(+39) 080 5461033

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