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Rating: 2.00/5 - 11350 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

An adventure to find one's self, against dangers, troubles and difficulties.
Halved is no ordinary game, Halved is a game that makes you think,
and that concerns all of us after all.

"Halved is an odd game. Not crazy, not absurd, just odd. "

Only for AOG Supporters
Have fun with special mode that you will unlock at the end of the game and with the exclusive bonus level!



Arrow Keys to move.
M to mute.
R to restart.


AOG achievements in Halved (SE)

5 Bonus (easy)
(10 AOG points)
Get 5 bonus
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+1 #3 jpankako 2014-04-07 06:54
Usually don't bother to comment unless I have something positive to say - but there's an exception to everything: an odd piece of software is quite a good description to this. Not a game really. odd controls, odd logic, no rewards unless getting to another odd level is regarded as one. Not worth spending your time on.
#2 fergusferret 2014-03-02 11:44
sorry but the more I try to play this the worse it gets and with no way to see what bonuses you may or may not have reached I cannot give more than the score I gave in its original format

#1 MisterD 2014-02-23 22:33
I've tried this a couple of times now and I don't think the AOG achievements are working at all with this game. Although, it's hard to be sure as there's no in game counter that tells you how many "bonus" targets you've collected.

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