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Genre: Strategy, RPG

In this top-down RPG/Defense game, you control a battalion of heroes whose task is to stop wave after wave of free-moving and cooperative monsters. Gameplay is real-time, tactical, and intense. But, you will also have to succeed strategically, selecting a battalion of up to 3 heroes from a possible 7, and growing their attributes and abilities effectively.

We encourage you to activate the AOG Achievement system through the title screen. (This requires you to make an AOG account.)

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#8 bigtime 2016-01-24 00:59
Game seems awesome, but I constantly have my game freeze up when a level ends. Its supposed to be playing the video and the screen gets dark, but the video doesnt play and I lose my progress.
#7 WakefieldStudios 2013-12-25 23:26
Quoting MisterD:
Good game with plenty of interesting options to choose from for upgrades and growing abilities. If only the AI wasn't so dumb some times. Oh well, it's pretty good overall.


Hey, thanks for the feedback! We have been hard at work on the sequel, War of the Shard, all year, and are now very close to beta! Rest assured that the AI has been much improved!
+1 #6 MisterD 2013-12-19 20:52
Good game with plenty of interesting options to choose from for upgrades and growing abilities. If only the AI wasn't so dumb some times. Oh well, it's pretty good overall.

#5 WakefieldStudios 2013-10-12 20:55
Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I should have been paying attention to this thread, but due to some personal stuff (moving from Korea to Phoenix, AZ for a job) I haven't been able to tend to Wakefield Studios stuff.

UNTIL NOW. haha zomg ttyl rofl #hashtag

Really, tho. This is good feedback. So I wanted to say thanks. And thanks to everyone who's played the game so far.

Quoting fergusferret:
if I set my invoker...

Yes, unfortunately, the Appalese AI is full of corner cases like that. what i've done with the sequel is really refactored the whole AI querying structure - it's much more modular now, and the player him- or herself gets to tinker with it on a much lower level. off the top of my head I would guess that your dwarf-summoning invoker dude was set to "support," so he ONLY looked for abilities in the support AI tree, which doesn't refer to void spike anywhere. i'm preeeeeeeettty sure that won't happen now, because now the trees are all linked together in a kind of chain, so that if you get to any "do nothing" node, you'll step down to the next AI tree in the chain.

and for anyone still reading this wall of text, by "the sequel," i mean the sequel to The Appalese Wall - which i am working furiously on and which is probably at about 90% of a fully playable alpha version. and yes, i am shamelessly promoting that now.

Quoting fergusferret:
same bug feature that...

that one's an actual bug. but we fixed that (and possibly created one million more problems) by switching to an actual bona fide A* Search Algorithm for pathfinding. previously, the way the units "decided" to move, could not even remotely be described as "ai." it just said, hey, is there an unoccupied tile next to me that's closer to my target? okay, i'll go there...derp derp...

Thanks again for playing the game, everybody, and thanks again for the great feedback.

Wakefield Studios
+1 #4 fergusferret 2013-10-12 16:26
I found a bug :(

if I set my invoker to create a dwarf he sets the dwarf ok but then will not do anything else at all for the rest of the level. he seems stuck on the create dwarf mode and nothing at all will allow me to change to using void spike again.

same bug feature that made the invoker move close to an enemy to use void spike, when that spell is a range spell not the burning hands which is a melee sort of spell.
+1 #3 fergusferret 2013-09-27 23:22
I can at last play this game :D I like it a lot but it is a bit low spec in how it works really. having said that I see nothing that marks it down as it all works quite well

+1 #2 Figsak 2013-01-15 13:59
The AD's.... OMG the AD's...

Decent game otherwise...
+1 #1 keoskaroman 2012-12-21 07:17
Good game for what it is, i played the beta when it came out and the finished version is updated well with ai settings, only real downside is its a very low scale game with limited graphics.

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