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Space Looter - Guide E-mail
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Every day you are dressed in the dusty old spacesuit. You throws over your shoulders a heavy jetpack with full tanks of oxygen. You are risking your life, defying gravity and space winds in meteoritic field. And all of it for a fistful of gold coins. Your job is hard, you are the Space Looter!
In this arcade physics game you have to jump between asteroids and collect a gold coins. It's not so easy because you have to struggling with gravity and always watch out for the oxygen level.



PLAY - it moves you to the space map where you can select a level to play. Press this button to play right now.
GAME GUIDE - if you have some problems with the game use this button.
MORE GAMES - play more great games at Age Of Games sites.
ADD TO YOUR BLOG OR SITE - you like this game? Get the link and place the game on your blog or site.

If you dont need the music or the sound at all use Music On/Off and Mute On/Off switchers at the right top corner of the screen.



Your goal is to collect all gold coins in each of ten sectors. There is two extra sectors that is available only in "supporters edition". Read more here...

Click on the picture of sector to play it.



Left/Right arrows - move around asteroid, rotate while flying.
Up arrow - hold it to prepare jump and control its power. Release to jump. Activate jetpack while flying.
All these actions are available for WSAD and Mouse
Escape - cancel jump, when you holding Up button, otherwise go to main menu.
If you want to overview the level, move your mouse cursor over the screen border and scroll it in any direction.



- If you are stuck, just press restart level button in the right top corner of the screen.
- The game is over if you flew over the level borders.
- The gravity power of asteroid depends on its size.
- If gravity is too much, try to jump with maximal power and immediatly activate jetpack.
- Make the gravity work for you.
- Each asteroid have a limited amount of oxygen, but it recovers over time.
- Oxygen is also a fuel for jetpack. Use it carefully.
- You can't use jetpack if your oxygen level is critically low. But you still can rotate while flying.
- Try to complete the game using jetpack so rarely as you can. Its fun!