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Miasma Story is a tactical RPG featuring three characters, 18 unlockable spells and over an hour of story driven adventuring!




When playing, you can see the order of turns in the top left corner. Hover your mouse over a turn icon to see that character highlighted.


When it is one of your character's turns, you can click on them and the move list will appear:


If you want to move the character, you must move the character before you do anything else! If you select Move, then the spaces the character can be moved to are highlighted in red. Click a red tile to move the character there.


If it is Martin or August's turn, they can attack an enemy if they are standing directly next to them. Select Attack and then select the red tile an enemy stands on.


If it is Jon's turn, his attack works slightly differently. He is armed with a crossbow, and so can shoot at anything that he can see. If something blocks his line of sight, then you will need to move him to a better location.


Miasma is a bit like magic. The three characters can unlock a total of 20 different abilities. Martin deals in offensive Miasma, causing fire and ice damage. Jon can alter an enemy's status, for example, he can make them fall asleep or be temporarily blinded. August's Miasma is perhaps the most useful for success in the game, she can heal the other two and remove nasty status effects.

Miasma costs MP (Miasma Points) to use. Use an MP-Potion to gain more.


Items can be used to restore HP (Health Points) and MP (Miasma Points). You can find more by walking next to chests.

End the turn by selecting End from the turn list.


At the end of a level, you get the opportunity to purchase more Miasma skills, as well as alter the Attributes of each character. For example, you can increase the Attack rating for August, or increase Jon's Agility (which enables him to move further each turn).

Every enemy killed grants the characters EXP (experience points). And every so often the characters will 'Level Up', which gives them more Skill Points to spend on Miasma abilities and more Attribute Points to effect their attributes.

Tips for the success:


  • August has the least health. Keep her away from the centre of the action!
  • Fire enemies are particularly vulnerable to ice attacks, and vice versa.
  • Health getting low? Use a potion item to restore some.
  • Jon's Sleep Miasma can put an enemy out of action for a few turns.
  • Poison can be disastrous! Use an Antidote to cure the status effect.
  • Avoid being completely surrounded! You can't move otherwise.
  • Moving about the board too slowly? August's Haste Miasma nearly doubles your move distance.
  • Martin's higher level Miasma can damage more than one enemy at once. Far more effective.
  • Jon can't move very far each turn. Spend his Attribute Points on agility when he levels up to improve this.
  • The character that deals the final blow to an enemy gets a bonus bit of experience points.
  • Spend Attribute and Skill points wisely! They cannot be reassigned once spent.
  • Enemies will try and attack the weakest character that surrounds them, keep and eye on HP!
  • Characters cannot use Miasma unless they have enough MP (Miasma Points). Use an MP potion to recover some.
  • Chests contain wonderful things. Walk up to one and see what lies within...
  • Jon's Blind Miasma lowers an enemy's accuracy, causing them to miss the majority of their attacks.
  • Jon's Confuse Miasma inflicts a Confuse status on an enemy. They'll wander aimlessly till it wears off.
  • Don't use a physical attack on an enemy with the Sleep status effect! They'll wake up. Only use Miasma on them if you want to keep them sleeping.
  • Don't get to close to an enemy with the Snare status effect. They cannot move, but they can still attack!
  • August's Cure Miasma abilities are crucial to survival. By keeping her alive, she can help keep Jon and Martin fighting.
  • HP (Health Points) and MP (Miasma Points) increase every time a character levels up.