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Magi: The Fallen World - Guide E-mail
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Character stats


Strength: Increases your physical damage, weight capacity, health point and health recovery rate.

Dexterity: Increases your accuracy and evasion rate.

Vitality: Increases your defense, health point and health recovery rate.

Intellect: Increases your elemental damage, mana point and mana recovery rate.

Willpower: Decreases your skill cool down rate. It also increases your elemental resistance, mana point and mana recovery rate.

You will be given 5 stat points for each level you gained. In the character menu, click on the plus sign to increase your stats.

Character class

warriorInventory.png archerInventory.png mageInventory.png

Warriors are experienced in melee combat. They have higher health and defense, as a result, their ability to survive in battle is much higher than the other classes.

Passive stat increment:

Strength +3
Dexterity +2
Vitality +3
Intellect +1
Willpower +1

Archers have high evasion rate and accuracy. Combination of physical and elemental damage makes them the most deadly attackers.

Passive stat increment:

Strength +1
Dexterity +3
Vitality +1
Intellect +3
Willpower +2

Mages have low health points, but the highest damage of all. Their pure elemental damage makes their attack almost unblockable.

Passive stat increment:

Strength +1
Dexterity +1
Vitality +1
Intellect +4
Willpower +3

Bonus game modes

There are a total of 4 bonus game modes. More than 2 game modes can be selected, you can even select all 4 game modes at the same time for a very challenging game.

1. Hardcore (requires a level 10 character to unlock)

Death is permenant in hardcore mode.

2. Sandbox (requires a level 15 character to unlock)

One island, one town, one dungeon with infinite depth. How far can you go? There's no quest in this game mode

3. Supermob (requires a level 20 character to unlock)

No more weakling monster. Only champions, elites, unique or legendary bosses.

4. Impossible (requires a level 30 character to unlock)

Game difficulty increased, monsters are much stronger, item sale price decreased.


- Click on ground to move, arrow keys work as well. You may configure your own hotkey in the option menu.
- Red ball is your health, blue ball is your mana. When your health reaches 0, you die. You need mana to perform skill attacks.
- Press on the corresponding key on your keyboard to perform a skill attack.


- Hotkeys can be configured in the option menu during gameplay.
- The default hotkey are: "i" for inventory, "c" for character menu and "s" for skill menu.

World map

- Scroll arrow with the arrow keys
- Click on a castle icon to enter town
- Each castle have different shops and NPCs
- Quest are also available in the castle
- Click on a skeleton icon to enter a dungeon


- By default, you may move around the dungeon using your arrow keys, mouse click work as well.
- There are four type of boss monsters: Champion, elite, unique and legendary. Try to avoid them in the beginning stage.
- Walk on to a chest to obtain item from it.
- There's a teleport stone every 3 level of the dungeon.
- Walk on a monster to fight.


- The list of available NPCs will appear on a wooden chain board.
- Click on any board to visit the corresponding NPC.
- Move your mouse over a board to see the NPC's description.
- When you are done, click on "leave castle" to go back to the world map.

Equipment upgrade

- Some towns have blacksmith, they can upgrade your weapon if you provide them the soulstones.
- Click on a town, look for the blacksmith NPC.
- Left click to insert an equipment you wish to upgrade, next insert a soulstone.
- Each time you upgrade an equipment, it will cost you gold and soulstones.
- The success rate of upgrading an equipment is not 100%, success rate will decrease each time you successfully upgrade an equipment.
- Do not worry about failing, only gold and soulstones will be deducted, your equipment will always remain.