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In Hidden Dimensions you control a giant baseship, capable of launching various types of ships, deploying structures and performing actions. Each of these ships, structures and actions are represented by cards.

The ships you can launch will both defend your baseship as well as attack the ships and base of your opponent. Structures mainly provide you with energy which you'll need to launch ships or perform actions. Finally, actions provide you with various ways of helping your defense or offense.

Use your energy to build a fleet of ships to attack the opponent's base. Your opponent will strike back with it's ships, but your fleet will defend you as well. Bring down the HP of your opponent's base to zero to win the game.

There are 8 different alien races in Hidden Dimensions as well as a set of artifact & relic cards. Each race requires a certain type of energy for it's ships, structures or actions. The cards of the races as well as the energy types are colored such so they match. Example : Human cards are red and require Solar energy to cast them. The solar energy icon is a red hollow star.

Some cards combine the technology of two alien races, these cards will have two colors and sometimes require the two types of energy to cast them.

Artifact and relic cards don't require a specific type of energy, any type will do. When you cast an artifact or relic card, the game will randomly pick some of your energy to pay for it.

Duel Settings

When clicking 'New Game' in the main menu you'll be presented with the 'Duel Settings' screen. You can dive right into the fight by clicking the 'Fight' button and the game will give you a random deck, but there are plenty of options for you and your opponent.

The settings on the left side of the screen are for your deck, those on the right are for the computer's deck.



Random Deck: Two rows of 9 icons represent the 8 different races and a dice. These allow you to determine the makeup of the deck.
Cards of the Major Race will take up about 2/3rd of all the cards in the deck, while the Minor Race will take up about 1/3rd. If you select the dice in either case, the game will choose a random race for you.

The game will create a random, but balanced deck using the two races you selected. If you want a deck with only one race, select the same race for both Major and Minor.

As you unlock achievements, more and more of the alien races will become available to you.

Premade Deck: These decks are slightly stronger than the Random Decks, but they also require a bit more tactical thinking. Use the arrow buttons to browse the available decks. More Premade Decks are unlockable through achievements.

Build / Edit Deck: If you click this text, you'll be able to change the cards in the deck you currently have, be it a Random Deck or a Premade Deck.


The Edit Deck screen is made up out of two parts, on the left you see all the cards that are currently in your deck and on the right you can select 9 categories of cards. All the cards that you see there are available to placed in your deck. Keep in mind that a deck has at least 30 cards and maximum 60 cards and a single card can have maximum 4 copies in a deck. You can put as many different races in the deck as you want. Mouse over the card names to bring the card's details.

To remove a card from your deck, simply click its name in the list on the left. Similar, to add a card, click its name in the list on right.

At the bottom of the screen there's a small panel in the center that says "Choose your base's default energy type". Your baseship generates energy each turn, here you can choose what color (= what type) energy your base should generate.

You can save your deck by clicking the 'Save Deck' button. And to load a previously saved deck, use the 'Load Deck' button.

When you're happy with the deck you've made, click the 'Accept' button to return to the 'Duel Settings' screen.


On the Duel Settings screen you can also change the difficulty settings. These will affect the HP of your base or your opponent's base as well as the amount of energy the bases generate.

Similar to the settings for your deck, you can choose to give the opponent a Random Deck, a Premade Deck or you can even build a deck. If you have made a deck yourself and you want to test it, why not let the computer play with your deck and you take any other deck to find out if it has any weaknesses.


When you're ready to fight, click the 'Fight' button.


Let's have a look at the combat screen.


From top to bottom:

At the top of the screen you see the base of your opponent, next to it there are some small cards with two figures on top. The first one lets you know how many cards your opponent has currently in his hand, the second shows how many cards are left in his deck. Next to this, in the right corner, there's a small panel showing you how much HP your opponent's base has left.

To win you either need to make sure your opponent runs out of cards before you do, or that his base reaches zero HP before yours does.

Under the opposing base there are two rows of squares, these start out empty, but these are the locations where your opponent will place his structures and ships. The 5 locations overlaying the base can hold structures and the 7 locations in space, can hold ships. This means that there can not be more than 5 structures and 7 ships in play at once for each player.

If there's a ship or structure in these slots you can mouse over it to bring up the details for this ship or structure.

To the right of these locations, there's a panel showing you how much of each energy type you opponent has available for launching ships, deploying structures or casting actions.

The bottom half of the screen is your side of the battlefield. First there are 7 locations where you can place your ships, then 5 locations where you can place structures, underneath the structure locations is your base. To the right of all these locations there's another panel showing how much of each energy type you have available.

At the very bottom of the screen, from left to right, you first see the amount of HP your base has left, then how many cards are left in your deck and then a button to end the turn or to start the attack. Next to this you see your hand, these are the cards that are available to be played, if you have enough energy to cast them. No more than 8 cards can be in your hand at once.

Combat progress

You need a balanced mix of structures, ships and actions. Getting several energy producing structures on the field as quick as possible is key to gaining control over the battlefield.

You only have 5 structure slots, and there are structures that do not generate energy, but instead provide some defensive or offensive advantage. Do not place too many such structures or you won't have enough energy to play bigger ships. There are of course other ways to gain energy : some ships will generate or steal energy, and there are actions that generate energy, but you need a reliable and constant stream of energy and only structures can provide that, don't depend on energy actions or energy ships alone...


At the end of each turn, your ships will attack your opponent. If there is an opposing ship right in front of your ship, your ship will deal damage to the opposing ship. If there is no ship in front of your ship, it will instead attack the base of your opponent.

The same is true for your opponent. So if he plays a strong ships and there's nothing blocking it, it will do damage to your base. Don't be afraid to place a small ship infront of it. Sacrificing a small ship is sometimes needed to make sure your base doesn't get too damaged.

There are plenty of different ships, structures and actions in the game, mouse over them while they're in your hand or on the field to see what they do. Some ships and structures even have abilities that can be activated during combat.

Let's have a closer look at some examples:




Note the 5/16 number in the upper left corner of the ship's image. These numbers are present on every ship. The first number is the amount of damage the ship does when attacking, the second number is the amount of defense the ship has, if the defense reaches zero, the ship is destroyed.

The Nagato is a small ship, but it can attack the same turn it came into play, most ships will have to wait one turn before they can attack.

The Nagato has rather lower defense, but it has an ability that reads "All damages received are lowered with 1." So when a ship or an action deals damage to this ship, the damage the Nagato receives will be lowered with 1.


Power Plant


This is a human structure that generate solar energy, which is needed to play human ships or actions. When the Power Plant enters the battle field, it will generate 1 solar energy. Most energy generating structures will either give you some energy when they enter the field or they will increase the HP of your base.

At the start of each of your turns, the Power Plant will generate additional Solar energy. Almost all energy structures will provide you with energy each turn.

Finally, note that the image of the Power Plant on the battle field has a small red Solar Energy icon on it. If this icon is glowing brightly, it tells you that a certain ability is available.

To find out what kind of ability it is, mouse over card to bring up the card details. Look for a text that starts with a number and an energy icon or with just a number. In case of this card the text is "0 : generate 1 Solar energy, lose 2 HP." The "0 : " means that you don't need to pay any energy to activate this ability. Some abilities require energy however.

This particular ability allows you to have more energy, but your base loses some HP. This is handy at the start of the game to get your ships out faster, or when you need to play a large ship that cost a lot of energy.


Let's have a look at an action :




In general, actions can be played only once, then they are placed in your scrapyard. They don't appear on the battlefield either. Many different actions are available : some repair your base or your ships, some deal damage, some generate energy, etc.

The Fortify action increases the defense of a ship. To cast it, click the action in your hand and then select a ship. This ship will now receive a permanent bonus of 3 defense for as long as the battle continues or until the ship is in play.

Some actions don't require a target and these will be handled instantly the moment you click them in your hand.


  • Make sure your deck has 3 energy generating structures for every 5 to 7 other cards. If you have a deck with multiple colors you definately should add structures that can provide energy of multiple types.
  • Having lots of small ships in your deck is a sure way to fill up the combat field with fast ships and do damage to the opposing base quickly. However, the longer a battle takes, the more chance your opponent has to bring in medium and large ships and you'll quickly lose the advantage as these ships will slowly defeat your small ships.
  • On the other hand, only having heavy ships means it will take a long time before you can play several of them, leaving many slots open and allowing opposing ships to attack your base.
  • So a balance of small fast ships, medium and strong ships is needed.
  • If possible, keep one or two small ships in your hand in case your opponent plays a heavy ship in an unblocked location, so you can keep it from damaging your base.
  • Legends are some of the strongest ships in the game, only one of each of them can be in play at once, so get them out before your opponent does.
  • Check out the 'Scores' screen : there are plenty of achievements to unlock. Some achievements give you a few powerfull cards, or a new premade deck, or unlocks an entire set of Alien cards. There are 28 achievements and a total of 234 cards in Hidden Dimensions.