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Hacker VS Hacker - Guide E-mail
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How to play

Your goal in the game is to destroy your enemy's defences, while you survive ther attacks.

Except for a couple of special levels, the game screen will be divided in two parts:


The upper grid is your attack grid. Here you can launch your malwares against your enemy's PC.

The lower grid is your defence grid. Here you will place your anti-malware turrets to defend you against enemy attacks.

Every time a malware reaches the end of its attack grid, it damages the PC that is defending that grid.

At the end of the grids you can see yellow leds indicating if the super-bullet is still available for that line. When a malware reaches the end of the grid and the led is flashing, the super-bullet will be fired and the led disabled till the next level. The super-bullet destroys every virus on the line.


Special Levels

Some levels have a particular gameplay. The game explains the gameplay at the beginning of these levels.

Game Speed

You can set 3 different speed levels in this game: slow, normal, fast. When the action is too frantic, you are in troubles, or you need more time to prepare a strategy, set the speed to “slow”. You can change speed level at any time using the panel in the bottom right, or from the briefing screen.


How to defend

To place a turret you must first click on an active icon on the defence bar at the bottom of the screen. At this point, the icon of the selected turret will follow the mouse pointer. To place it on the defence grid, you have to click on a free and active cell (green).

When you move the mouse over an icon in the turret's bar, a tooltip explaining the characteristics of the turret is shown. In case it is not possible to buy the turret, the icon will be clouded and the tooltip will show in red the reason why it cannot be bought.

Upgrade your defences

To know if a turret has available upgrades before placing it, you have to check the tooltip that appears when you move the mouse over the turret's icon.


To upgrade a turret, click on it on your defence grid.A window containing info about that turret will appear. If the “arrow up” button is green, the turret can be upgraded pressing the button.


Sell your defences

You can sell the selected turret from its info window, pressing the “$” button.


Repair your defences

In case the life of the turret is not full (the button is disabled in case it is) and if you have the money, you can repair a turret clicking the “wrench” button.


You can also repair all the turrets at once, pressing the “wrench” button in the bottom left panel in of the game screen. The repair cost is shown under the button. If there are no damaged turrets, or if you don't have enough money to repair all of them, the button is disabled.


How to attack

In order to attack you must have available malwares in the bar at the top. At the beginning of the level you don't have any available malware and you must research them. Once a malware has been researched, it will be available till the end of the level.

To launch a malware in the attack grid you must first click on its icon in the bar at the top, or press the key corresponding to the letter shown at its top right corner (the icon will then follow the mouse pointer), then click on the desired slot, or press the key with the row number, to compile the virus and launch it on that line.


Research Malwares

To research a malware click on an icon which is not active yet. You can also press the key corresponding to the letter at its top right. If you have enough resources, the research will start. When it is completed, the button with the icon will become active and you will be able to use the malware.


Info on malwares

Move the mouse pointer over the viruses' bar to display info tooltips.

If a virus is available, this tooltip will be shown.


If some red message appears, it means the virus cannot be placed because of a lack of resources.

If the virus has not been researched yet, this tooltip will appear instead.


If some red message appears, it means the virus cannot be researched because of a lack of resources.

Special powers and upgrades

From the third level on you can access the shop, where you can buy new abilities, new gadgets for your desk, and new hardware for your pc.


If you want to use a special ability in the game, you have to click on its icon in the special abilities' panel on the left.


More info

If you want to know more about the different types of malwares, defences, and on the behaviours of special abilities, consult the HackPedia inside the game.