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Fantasy Avatar Guide E-mail
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Fantasy Avatar is a simple and direct application with which you can create incredible "Fantasy"characters.
With a few clicks you can create hordes of warriors, wizards, elves, demons ... , you can also become one of them using your photo!


Creating "Fantasy Avatars" is amazingly simple.
Click "Create Avatar" and proceed to different stages of creation using the mouse.

The first choice is to choose the gender of your avatar.
Note: Selecting "Undefined" and strange creatures indeed appear!

The second step is to choose if you want to use your own pictures or not. If you choose to create an avatar without a photo you can add it later.


Warning: "Use a picture" is only present on the version of our site Age of Games.



Choose your "Basic Avatar" from among the five available. One of them, the big image, has been simplified, while the others were randomly generated by the program. Point and click the image you like best to begin with.



CREATION of the Avatar

At this point you get into the action.


From the pulldown menu at the top right or by clicking on the arrows, you can select as many as 12 customizable elements of the Avatar:













For each item there are many pictures. Point and click icons in the large window on the right to change the selected item.

WARNING: A complete archive of images that will be expanded and updated is available Only on Age of Games!!!

Click the X to completely eliminate the element from the image.

By clicking on the pulldown menu "Filters" you can include or exclude items of a specific gender or race. To view items from all races select only 1 of the filters "Male", "Female" or both.

If you really want to have fun you absolutely must press the "Random Avatar" ... SEE that face!

You can click the "Insert Your Photos" AT ANY TIME to include your face in the creation of Avatar.

Click "Help?" for quick information on the operation of the application.


(Only available on our website www.ageofgames.net)


For the best results, keep in mind the following rules:

• The face must be facing forward

• The face must have uniform illumination

• Load only files with JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG


To add the image simply click the "Upload Photos" to use a picture you have on your PC, or you need to write a link in the box to retrieve it from the Internet.

After you upload the photo you can fix it by dragging it freely and / or use the commands "Zoom" and "ROTATE" to size and center in the guidelines in the center of the oval blank face of the Avatar.

Pressing the "Enable Filter" You can put a colored filter to the photo.

When you are satisfied with the result press the "Accept Changes" and proceed with the creation of the Avatar (as described earlier in this tutorial).


After inserting the picture DO NOT use the button "RANDOM AVATAR" or your photo will be covered and you will have to start from scratch.


With Fantasy Avatars you have the opportunity to create your personal deck of Magic Cards!


Using the image you created in this section, you can select the frame color of your magic card and write the characteristics of your character. Point and click in the box available with the keyboard and type the information you deem useful.

Click "Add to card" when you're sure of written texts. To export go to the "Export Image".

Export Image

Click this button when you have finished creating the avatar. At this stage, export the image into a set of resolutions and you can share your creation on Facebook!


If you used the "Create Card" you have the option to Export the image of the card by clicking the appropriate button.