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Battle Formation is a Strategy a turn based war game with tiling system.



Main Menu

1. New Battle, start new game. This option would also delete your saved games if there’s any.

2. Continue, continue your last saved games.

3. Battleclopedia, explain short brief on all characters on Battle Formation.

4. Credits, Lists the entire team behind Battle Formation. You could also donate to the creators here for the better sequel.

5. Tutorial, short tutorial about Battle Formation.

6. More RPGs, gets another game on ageofgames.net

7. Game Guide, link to this guide


World Map


You could go to certain level by clicking those red stars. Any transparent stars means you can’t play those levels yet. But you could play a previous level as much as you would and getting those bonus resources.



Select your upgrade by clicking icon next to each unit. Once you click it, the panel information below would explain the effect of those upgrades. Click upgrade button in the right of the panel to level up the tech and press done to finish.

1. Icon to click

2. Stars, represent the level

3. Upgrade level

4. Cost to level up this upgrade.

5. Remaining exp you have. Get more exp on battlefield.

6. Short brief about the upgrades.

Setting Formation


This screen allows you to create formation based on enemy’s formation. You could see the enemy’s formation first.

1. Icon to represent whether this unit elite or not.

2. Unit stance, A means Aggressive and D means Defensive.

3. Total unit in a tile.

4. Tile representing archer.

5. Darker tile means they’re yours to fill. You can only placing a unit in your own tile.

6. Enemy’s tile has a brighter color.

7. Icon representing general. General never change his position.

8. Your current resources, used to train units.

9. Training panel. Left icon is represents the standard unit while the icon with small shield on the right is representing the elite unit. A small number on the upper left on each icon represent the current number of the unit in barracks. Train your unit by clicking those train buttons.

10. A locked panel means you can’t train these units yet.

11. Start to start the battle, objectives to re-read the objectives and quit to quit to main menu.



This popup is going to show if you click your tile.


1. The controlled tile. Click the tile to show the popup and click again to close or press the close button.

2. Picture of each unit. Shield logo would show up if you choose elite unit.

3. Click to select previous unit in barrack. You could also select empty if you want to remove this unit.

4. Click to select next unit in barrack.

5. Unit stance. Aggressive means the unit would move forward, if defensive the unit would stay still.

6. Total number in a tile.

7. Finish setting and close this popup.



Pikemen is the most regular troops. He is using a two-handed pike to stick enemies. Make his untouchable especially to cavalry. But because he use both hands at his long pike, he’s unable to wear any shields and very vulnerable to archer.

Strenghtness: Cavalry (+50% damage)

Weakness: Defender, Archer

Elite Unit ability: Have a change to also strike an enemy behind targeted enemy with the same damage.



Archer is the most important characters of all. His presence is needed in every battle. He is using a two-handed bow to take down enemies. He could reach a target in up to 3 square. But the damage also decreases as the range increase. He also has the lowest defense and health of all.

Strengthness: Pikemen (+30% damage)

Weakness: Defender

Elite unit ability: Range is increasing to 3 square.



The master of defense. Defender have the strongest and heaviest of all. His shield could hold almost everything and the sword could counter-attack the opponent. This makes the defender is the perfect unit to fight against defenseless long weapon pikemen. But this heavy unit could be easily breached by the cavalry.

Strengthness: Pikemen (+30% damage)

Weakness: Cavalry

Elite unit ability: Had a change to block total damage.



Without any doubt, cavalry is the most expensive unit. He mounted on horse and equipped with both pike and shield. He has ability to breached defender with those heavy equipment. But this strongest unit weak against pikemen. Their long pike could reach cavalry in the first place. The faster cavalry strike, the worse cavalry get hits.

Strenghtness: Defender (+30% damage)

Weakness: Pikemen

Elite unit ability: Had a change to deal a double damage.



The leader in the battlefield. Every level requires the general to live. He never move from their spot, he never needs coz his job is to command. General could also attack enemy units but the bad news is, he only attack once and only one square. So, beware of the archer!


Here is the training cost and attributes of all units on Battle formation:




Read the objectives, sometimes you don’t need to eliminate all enemies, sometimes you only need to hold as long as you can, or even doing nothing.

The key to win this game is you have to know the behavior of the units. Believe me, it’s not about the number, it’s the tactics. Read and learn enemy formation, and make its anti-formation. Create a formation, press the button, then relax and enjoy the battle.



Moving Behavior

1. This is a turn-based game and in the beginning of every battle, your unit moves first.

2. Turn between all of your units is start from front to back, and from each line, the top unit moves first, followed by unit below him, and if it’s no unit left, turn is switch to the back. The enemy units have the same behavior.

3. Units would keep moving forward until there is other unit in front of him. If its enemy, then he would attack it, but if it’s an ally, he would stop and do nothing. Especially for archer, he would stop and attack if there are enemies in his shooting range.

4. If there is no one in front of him, the unit would move forward until reach the edge. If still no units confront him, he would turn to move closer to the general.

5. The unit would never turn to other lines until he reaches the edge. The unit would also never move backwards.

Attacking Behavior

1. If confront with more than 1, unit would choose the least health and attack it, no matter what.

2. Units with Defensive stance would never move from their spot, no matter what.

3. Archer don’t attack diagonal so did melee unit.

4. The difference between 1 and 10 units in one tiles is the attack would multiplied with the total units, but not the defend.

5. Damage taken from a tile is taken by first unit. If his health wasn’t that much, the damage is given to the second unit, this would keep going until the damage is runs out or no unit in tiles can bear the damage which means the tiles would be empty.



Hit First

Since the attack would multiply by total units in a tile, then having the first hit would be the advantages. If there are two units faced each other’s with the same total unit in tile, the first unit attacked would definitely the winner, like in the right formation instead of the left.


1 vs 2

With the left formation, you still need to sacrifice a unit to finish. In the right formation, you definitely finish it without any casualty before enemy could even attack.


Holding enemies in place

There are several ways to make enemies not moving. One of them is using advantages of units attacking behavior. Remember that if confront more than 1 unit, a unit would hit the lowest hp first. So, why don’t we use a distraction? See the picture, we could see that the player only use one tiles with 10 unit. The rest of it just 1 unit in a tile! It’s just distraction, so the enemy would hit the pikemen instead of archer. The archer with 1 ranged square, could be very painful. See, this is not the number that matters, but the tactics.


Why use 1 instead of 10 in a tile?

1 unit tile could be used to many things. one of them is to make sure your real unit (tile with 10 unit on it) got the first hit. Just like in the picture.


Keeping a unit with aggressive stance to wait

Another use of 1 unit tile is to hold your aggressive unit, like in the picture. You have to make the stance to be defensive. The aggressive units in the back hold by that 1 unit tile. After it dies, your aggressive unit would go forward. Plus, got the first hit. See the picture.


1 vs 3

Not enough with 1 vs 2, we could stack up up to 3 or even more. Using archer would be great to combine with this overwhelming attack. Watch that additional archer placed in the top, because he wouldn’t be untouchable. Well, at least at the beginning of the turn.


The wonderful archer

As a ranged unit, archer has an advantage to be untouchable. There is a formation which fully uses this theory. Like you can see in the picture. This could be worse if you use elite archer, you could form 2 layers of untouchable archer. Even defender would think twice to pass your archer.



You got resources while killing enemy unit. You got the resources as much as their training cost at every hit. This is where it came from:

Food acquired: food cost of attacked unit * 0.2 * 2.5 on each hit

Metal acquired: metal cost of attacked unit * 0.2 * 2.5 on each hit

Gold acquired: gold cost of attacked unit * 0.2 * 2.5 + (0.25 * metal acquired) on each hit

Food Bonus: Food Acquired * 0.5 * food upgrade level

Metal Bonus: Metal Acquired * 0.5 * metal upgrade level

Gold Bonus: Gold Acquired * 0.5 * gold upgrade level

Experience comes from the total of these formula per level:

1. Total enemies killed – total allied killed, if total allied killed is greater, then the result would be zero.

2. (Total damage dealt * 0.1) – (total damage taken * 0.1)

3. Highest damage dealt * 2

4. Average damage dealt * 6

5. If total turn less or equals 10, then total turn * 3

6. If total turn less or equals 20, then total turn * 2

7. If total turn more than 20, then total turn *1


Now you’re ready to go. Chaaaaarge…!!!