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Rating: 3.55/5 - 45846 Plays
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Genre: Real Time Strategy

Roman themed RTS wargame. 12 themed missions (some set at night) with RPG storyline. Become a Roman General and defend Rome from the Barbarian invaders.



In-Game Tutorial.

By now you know what it's like to be a Zombie...



#8 the conqueror 2013-01-31 12:55
i love romans because they are one of the most greatest armys the world has ever seen :D
-2 #7 fancykm 2012-07-04 03:19
#6 DarkStar 2012-07-01 19:16
These games all tend to suffer from spam problems.
Not tactics, just spam.
3/5 because I love Romans
#5 Ragnar 2012-05-10 21:02
I thought this was awful 1/5
+1 #4 Figsak 2012-04-27 01:38
Not really a strategy game. Unit spam isn't strategy.

Archers wear no armor, yet you can upgrade their armor. :zzz
#3 fergusferret 2012-04-24 20:38
it would play better with use of the arrow keys for those of us unable to use wasd effectively.
#2 fergusferret 2012-03-05 18:07
rather basic as games go with not a lot of difficulty in how it plays.

#1 Darkson13 2010-11-12 05:23

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