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Rating: 3.10/5 - 5430 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Assume the two sides of a tower defence game, sending attack waves and upgrading the towers.



See basic in-game tutorial.




#2 fergusferret 2016-09-22 23:06
hard to admit this but i agree with earth ;)

sending one unit at a time to get slaughtered by the enemy towers is a bit hard but also the enemy is better trained and has a bit more defensive power in each level so if you do not upgrade right you die faster than ever.

having to upgrade the gold got instead of the abilities of your own troops gets the gold but you die faster and can lose your fortress, thus lose faster as well

#1 earth 2016-09-22 19:38
decent defend the base but 0 originality, wait to get gold and then send army 1 unit at a time and destroy enemy's castle, decent graphs etc.

overall décent game but bit boring and can't send multiple units at a same time and gold is scarce.

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