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Rating: 3.13/5 - 5134 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Defense

Awesome, futuristic line defense game full of strategy and upgrades! Protect your planets from hordes of invaders. Defend your base using a variety of unit classes: Swordsman, Archer, Rifleman, Sniper, Heavy soldier, Ninja, Medic, Energetic, Tesla trooper, and Robot



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#3 fergusferret 2015-06-03 10:35
a very limited attention holder this one... 2 levels is all it took to bore me rigid almost. the concept is ok in a way but this is way too frantic after the first level to be playable for long. the so called upgrades look to be crap also.

#2 DMs choice 2015-06-03 08:31
Certainly not a bad game, but a bit... hectical.
Comparable gameplay to... Plants-vs.-Zombies, I guess, with the difference that you can move your units after setting sem (which makes sense, since you only have a limited number per level). But that's what's making the game quite frantic.
3/5 stars from me
#1 earth 2015-06-02 19:24
stupid and difficult game due limited units and size of area needed to defend, idea is simple aka put units on field and wait enemy come and after enemy-group has died move units to deal with other group and repeat until level is over, after passing level gets 1 skillpoint and new unit, decent graphs etc.

overall ok game but player needs to replay some levels to figure which (limited) units are put against which enemies, replaying levels don't help at all.

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