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Rating: 2.69/5 - 5637 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, RTS

Monster Town Defense 2 is sequel of a resource management RTS game, where you build a town of monsters, developed technology through researches, build defenses equipment and monster troops to attack the opponent town to reclaim the glory of the monster. In this sequel you will expand your kingdom in larger map, various towns, better tactic and more optional campaign!



Gameplay: Mouse Navigate: WASD or Arrow Keys.




#3 fergusferret 2014-04-23 22:21
lots of the same old same old from the first game with no real changes that I can see. controls are still crap, getting to understand what to do, from what tutorial tells you, is still not there.

all in all a sequel that could have had all the first game placed in it and had a new name, along with character minor changes.

#2 earth 2014-04-23 21:54
misterd: you do next that you get BIG army and conquer rest of cities and do research.

nice sequel to 1st game but still this is only decent game (same as 1st) due player has alot to do and with limited space per city (which just can't work together aka all resources would be usable in all cities) conquering new cities is must, all resources except population can be gotten positive when auto recruits infantry, research (buildings etc) can be done (and must be done), nice graphics with ok sounds and nice but on long term it gets annoying.

overall nice game but too limited building space (which leads to player sending resources from 1 city to other), battles are best to left on auto and just send max units (there is a limit) to battlefield.
#1 MisterD 2014-04-23 20:31
Well I followed the tutorial and managed to complete some stuff. But do you know what? I'm not entirely convinced that I know what to do next and I haven't got the patience to work it out.

The gameplay seems irritating, the graphics are cartoonish, the music was annoying and the battle section was just too confusing for words.

But at least it all works and clearly the developer has put a lot of effort into the game.

Some people might like this, but it's not for me.


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