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Rating: 1.52/5 - 14057 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

A simple naval strategy war game in which its purpose is more than just battling through the Mediterranean Sea against pirates and battleships.



Mouse. In-Game Tutorial.




+1 #3 fergusferret 2013-03-26 15:29
bad idea having the screen scrolling with the mouse and then also trying to direct ships to target. bad syntex in game also makes this feel rushed rather than well thought out as a game.

it would be a bit better if the plying area was scrollable by the arrow keys. it would also help if some idea was given about the stuff in the top left of the screen as nothing other than ship deployment actually does anything. why is it there?

2/5 for the idea but could have been a bit better with better controls and a spanish/english dictionary
+2 #2 earth 2013-03-23 21:25
where the hell this has been digged up? ai is horrible (on player's ships) since dozen ships can go chasing 1 ship which is farway from them instead crusing to target, ships can be equipped with different cannons but beats me how to do that, player needs to play previous level multiple times to get money for upgrades to be able to win next level, crappy graphics and same applies to sounds.

overall another pos which shouldn't been made, nice idea but that's it, no idea what most habilities do since ships don't seem to be affected,
+2 #1 Jairone 2013-03-23 20:08
Yuck. This is a severe level spam fest to grind money (at least losing or surrendering lets you take money from the level) in order to buy stuff.
The AI is horrible. Your ships will chase a ship halfway across the map, opening themselves up to a broadside attack or putting themselves into the worst line of fire... when an enemy is close by they could turn and fire on.
2/5, and almost a 1/5 due to the horrible AI.

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