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Rating: 3.06/5 - 10335 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Fight to rule the medieval Japan!



Mouse (In-game tutorial).




+1 #5 EatMyChili 2013-02-13 21:13
I like the game and think it's a good time-waster but echo what's been stated already about the economy. The AI seems to be able to form a mega-army while the player endlessly searches for the funds required to even put up a token resistance. Fun but futile.
+2 #4 Figsak 2013-02-04 01:05
At first glance, the game looks interesting, but if you try to play the large map, using ANY team, you'll quickly find that the enemy AI is SUPER ANNOYING beyond any reason. The rebellions happen far too often, you have to ENDLESSLY replenish ninja spies, since they die so fast, and even with full spies, you still cant see half of what they plan.

Any territory you own that has a port will be harassed so often that you will pray for a stellar converter to erase that sore from your area.

All of your other territories will be endlessly plagued by rebellion after rebellion and no matter how good of a start you get, you will spend hours upon hours just plugging holes created by lost territories.

You can garrison units in your areas to keep them from rebelling, but it begins to cost so much to maintain your army, with the garrison cost, and the fact that you need about 3x as many units to take any decently defended enemy territory, and the cost of attacking with an army that size... You will go broke. Bottom line is the economy in this game seems hastily pasted together, and not properly balanced.

Without solid fronts to work with, this game is pure frustration as you can never fully secure a hold on your area.

2/5 stars for being annoying.
-1 #3 earth 2013-02-03 21:25
bit crappy war strategy since economy totally bites bottom, player needs big army but to be able to attack with it player needs provinces and there are only 2 "neutral" provinces and once starts to attack against ai-territories needs big army (especially against castle) but then can't afford and even with having more men than with enemy player still can lose battle and when ai starts attacking its end of that attempt, nice graphics etc, lack of money and need to spread army all over owned provinces and still maintaning attacking forces makes this hard to play.

overall nice warstrat but not my type, some will like this alot and some not.
-1 #2 Lackadaisical 2013-02-03 21:00
This game desperately needs a better way to move soldiers than clicking repeatedly(slide bar, or being able to type in the number, or both). Moving 100 units form a garrison in one city to a garrison in another city shouldn't take 200 clicks.

I also found that sometimes when your ninja discover an enemy attack, the arrow for that attack is placed in the wrong spot (happened a few times on a sea invasion from sagami to hizen, the attack arrow was showing up in awagi). Also, the provinces should be highlighted when you find things out like that.
Besides tiring my finger from clicking, I found this game fun and challenging with an unusual kind of strategy due to the employment of ninja. 4/5
-2 #1 fergusferret 2013-02-03 20:59
a very strange game with lots of difficulty after the first few turns and no real income to buy or strengthen your army. The tutorial gives no real information about income. attacks cost income and so do extra units. the further you go the more units you need and thus the more income.

not the best strategy game out there by far.


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