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Rating: 2.91/5 - 10815 Plays
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Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense

Join in an an epic defense game where those cute penguins you see at the zoo ATTACK (again)! Defend against an onslaught of penguins in full military gear. Don't block their path otherwise your towers will get demolished. Use a number of different turrets including a flamethrower and bazooka! Defend against waves and progress through the levels to prove that your defensive strategy matches up with the best.



Mouse. In-game tutorial.




#5 jpankako 2016-03-26 20:50
There are actually quite a few, if not major, changes compared to the previous version.
- When placing towers, AI shows the penguins expected path across and potential changes, which is a nice feature especially on open fields.
- The levels don't start automatically, which is a good thing since it allows you to evaluate options prior to getting started.
- Air units are a welcome change, since they mess up the traditional tower placement plans.
- Gold does not accrue automatically, instead you have to collect it.
- When upgrading to next level, you don't get to choose your reward any longer.
- Penguins can't destroy towers
- Penguins don't wobble any longer ;)

Whether these are big or small changes is a matter of opinion - but personally I think that the game has not changed for better, but for worse. It is like the developer would have published a half-finished, half-thought out version and never bothered to finish it. The game is not stable: you get stuck several times in situations where the level does not end even though all waves are complete. Level menu is sometimes incomplete, showing only some of the levels. And lv 10 is an urban legend: level nine never finishes, so you can't unlock lv 10. This is btw the first version, where the developer has not included his contact details for comments and improvement ideas...

In nutshell - could have been good, but is left incomplete. :(

#4 fergusferret 2016-03-23 23:19
nothing really new to this game other then the name i would suggest. the rest has been said already.

#3 blabla 2012-10-10 20:57
Recycling Attack...where is level 10 after finishing all 9 with gold? And I know all levels already from the previous games and they seem even easier. Once you beat early waves it's a no brainer and you just have to wait with a billion towers built already and no enemy passing the 1st inch on the screen.
#2 harrier0 2012-10-08 20:07
very similar to previous penguin td's and have to agree that time given to assess the map etc at the start is very short and so cash can easily be wasted by panicking and putting towers in the wrong places early on. Overall though enough variation to make it an ok td so 3/5
#1 earth 2012-10-07 20:01
not bad td, bit too fast paced (bit too little time to build and upgrade towers), good graphics and sounds, quite tough at beginning of each map (due lack of cash and time) and gets easier as new towers are unlocked and money gotten, players needs to collect money so multitasking needed, nice amount of towers (pretty standard types) but not much upgrading on those.

overall good td but has same bad things as on any other td but has better maps than any other td posted to here.

haven't seen prev. 3 penguin tds so no comparison.

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