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Rating: 4.41/5 - 326450 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Medieval Wars 2 is a turn based strategy game and a big improvement from the first Medieval Wars.

You are a brave Captain of a mercenary company, leading your men in the battlefield seeking for fame and glory.
Based on an advanced battle system you can test your strategy skills.
You can manage your captain's equipment selecting weapons and armor that will affect your stats.
Play the NEW special campaigns "Emperor of Europe" and "First Barons War" in the "Supporters Edition".

New Version:
- A New exciting campaign "Emperor of Europe"
- Map editor for AOG Supporters Only
- other minus bugs fixed



Mouse. See the Game Guide

AOG achievements in Medieval Wars 2

First Blood
(10 AOG points)
first enemy killed. EASY
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1greg  gehrkegdeach62400
2Denis Dionneden58730
3frederic coudamefrederic41670
4Oscar  DelvecchioPippo95213520
rank AOG user score
3Steve  AyersSteve Ayers651380
5C. Martinezclman324950
7John  MoraKylor296450
10Luigi Varig194700
11Donatas KaranaviciusTerba183150
12Jakub Koniecznymisiu7178770
13Benno Zindelbenziner178340
14Oskari Olematonjpankako168950
20Dein UntergangDeathsmith111980
24Pieter  van Schendelschendel92560
28Gabor  Ciganygabor209680010
30paolotai shan72580
31PauCatalunya lliure!70780
34Christopher LevakisCrisleva31168640
35Spam Herespam64820
36greg  gehrkegdeach62400
38Andrew PiwowarskWARski61540
39Azgard  ContrerasAlioth61510
43Denis Dionneden58730
45SimonPeter Gomezgomezsp57700
46Oscar  DelvecchioPippo95257450
50Jabi  Zabalajabito55850
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#139 Calthropstu 2016-08-19 03:03
The AI is actually fairly decent in this game, and some of the fights really pose a challenge. Rare for most strategy games.

For those of you having trouble fighting the mounted unit swarms, use pikemen/elite pikemen to deal amazing damage to mounted units. A wall of pikemen with some archer support followed in with a mounted support group following behind generally will eliminate most threats the enemy sends out.

GREAT game, would love to play such games.
#138 DMC 2016-04-18 03:22
Well, seems I can't get very far in this game due to the AI being a couple of steps ahead of me. In Battle 3 I jump out and gain control of the middle ground Castle and the AI still upgrades and produces Knights much quicker, thus giving it superior forces and quickly killing my Captain.

Even though I like this game, I give it a 2/5
#137 cosmicfish 2016-02-15 16:20
Quoting cosmicfish:
Fabivs, is there any work being done to fix the problems with this game, or is it now unsupported by AoG?

Dammit mintoman.

I think you guys need to address this in your contracts. No point in buying games if they're going to die unsupported.
#136 get_schwifty 2016-02-12 14:21
is there any way to save online without cookies? my school resets cookies all the time and I keep loosing my progress
#135 Fabivs 2016-02-12 08:49
Quoting cosmicfish:
Fabivs, is there any work being done to fix the problems with this game, or is it now unsupported by AoG?

I'd like to fix any problem but this does not depend by me.

Unfortunately the developer of the game will not fix any bug.
#134 cosmicfish 2016-02-11 23:09
Fabivs, is there any work being done to fix the problems with this game, or is it now unsupported by AoG?
#133 WitchKing 2016-01-17 07:37
Thank you Jpankako!
#132 jpankako 2016-01-16 11:34
Quoting WitchKing:
How do i unlock the locked units?

You play through the campaign. New units are unlocked at at each new battle until you have all. Once available, units can be used also on previous battles - by both yourself and the AI. Happy gaming!
#131 WitchKing 2016-01-15 17:30
How do i unlock the locked units?
#130 ben70191 2016-01-02 05:15
So Non Supporters cant play other peoples user maps or what?, Cus i wanna play on a users maps but nothing pops up on thw list. Number One is hella Better than this

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