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Rating: 2.89/5 - 5637 Plays
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Genre: Strategy

Ther king must survive and build the Flying castle and leave the danger zone full of zombies. Collect more resources (wood, wool, stone, pelt) to build the Flying castle (wings, balloon, castle weapon, etc). The more resources you collect the more quickly you will build the Flying castle. The more boxes you will destroy the more quickly you will be able to buy better weapon.



Left,Right or A,D - movement
Mouse – menu and shop navigation
P - pause / instructions
Z or K - close combat weapon
X or L - distant combat weapon
S(twice) or Down(twice)- stomp hit




#8 fergusferret 2012-07-15 08:33
Quoting Figsak:
A bit weird and difficult. Not really sure what's going on much of the time, like why my bow seems to start missing like crazy for no reason.

2/5 stars

the bow is set to hit at a specific range and will miss anything within the target range parameters it has set which are quite small really. so anything inside the inner range barrier will be missed completely.
#7 Figsak 2012-07-14 15:33
A bit weird and difficult. Not really sure what's going on much of the time, like why my bow seems to start missing like crazy for no reason.

2/5 stars
#6 fergusferret 2012-06-27 13:19
Just for further info.., there is a wooden box, metal box and a gold box. the metal box holds more and takes longer to destroy than the wooden box and the same is try with the gold against the metal box.

the metal box appears on the far right and the gold box appears on the far left.
#5 fergusferret 2012-06-27 12:33
hmmm ... I got through in one sitting with a basic strategy that involves getting through the first few levels until the boat is available by using the well safe area and the jump bash. you then come out and hit a few times and get back in before getting hit again. timing is crucial there.

once the boat is available you should have a bow. the tactics are then getting to the other side of the water and staying there until the last of the enemy has appeared. They will usually appear on the same side of the water as you so there is 1 side not covered with them. once you have this scenario you can return to the castle side and gather all the resources available there and any boxes that appear.

I recommend speed as a main upgrade to start with after making sure you have the bow. this helps with the attacking as you have less of a chance of being attacked if you are at range. when using the jump stun (double down arrow) you can get 7 shots off quick time with the bow before needing to get safe again. more will tend to get you hit at least once.

need any more tips just send me a message and I will try to help further

#4 harrier0 2012-06-26 13:26
Have to agree with earth, not much wrong with this game apart from the usual struggle for resources which means you're gonna die sooner rather than later. I've tried various strategies with the upgrades but all have so far led to defeat!! Good idea, good graphics spoilt for me a little by not being able to move on in the game.3/5
+2 #3 earth 2012-06-25 20:33
played this elsewhere.

otherwise not bad strategy game but soon it gets hard to avoid zombies and kill those cause zombies withstand quite much damage and deal it too, alot things to collect, easy controls, very good graphics and sounds. bit difficult due lack of cash but that's nothing new.
-4 #2 fancykm 2012-06-25 15:41
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-3 #1 Spazio1999 2012-06-25 13:20
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