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Rating: 3.62/5 - 18944 Plays
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Genre: Defense, Real Time Strategy

Shadez 2 is the second in the series of this game. The player is placed into the role of General of a Mercenary force.
This force has been hired by the governments around the world to fight the wars they do not want to fight or they don't want to declare this, keeping it top secret and out of the hands of the press.






#10 DMC 2015-02-06 22:31
I've completed a few missions now and I gotta say I really like this game. I actually like how the personnel, structures and equipment icons are shown in silhouette. It's different, bold, exciting, new, innovative, etc.

Anyway, gonna give this game 5 stars.
#9 DMC 2015-02-05 10:51
Game loaded up fine for me on Firefox browser. I watched the intro movie and then played the tutorial. The build and repair aspect sorta reminds me of Red Alert 2 or Age Of Empires.

Anyway, from what I've seen so far this is a game I can really get into. I gave the 1st Shadez game a solid 3, since this actually has missions and a storyline plot, I have to give Shadez 2 a solid 4/5.

Of course that score could change after I complete a few missions. I'll be sure to post details afterwards.
+1 #8 DarkStar 2012-06-25 16:40
Hmm, it loaded for me but I am not sure if that is a good thing.
The tutorial is next to useless tbh and I had no idea what I was doing half the time.
#7 Ragnar 2012-05-05 12:26
Loads fine but then forces you to register with mochi annoying 1/5
#6 Figsak 2012-04-26 19:54
Using Mozilla.

Loads fine, have sound, but no video.
#5 fergusferret 2012-02-20 23:49
safari has the same issue so it is not the browsers at fault here but the game itself.
#4 Drakharim 2011-08-25 19:11
Also have a gray screen with Mozilla
#3 harrier0 2011-08-23 13:48
Won't load at all for me on IE?
+1 #2 PhailRaptor 2011-02-25 07:53
Apparently the game doesn't like Chrome, because after 3 tries all I get after clicking the Mochi "Play Game" button is a grey screen, right clicking showing the "movie has not loaded" message that otherwise means you need to refresh the page.

Compatibility fix plz.
#1 Demongon 2010-07-07 04:51

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