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Rating: 3.42/5 - 8791 Plays
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Genre: Tower Defense

Defend your cows against aliens and their spacepods in this Epic build you own path TD game.




Use arrows or WASD for move.



-2 #6 fancykm 2012-06-26 04:33
#5 harrier0 2012-06-04 20:13
Reasonable TD with the added difficulty that there is no fixed path for the enemy to follow. You do need to spam levels to gain usefull upgrades and this can be a bit of a pain. Overall 3/5
#4 Ragnar 2012-05-10 19:22
3/5 and I found the game annoying
#3 fergusferret 2011-10-17 22:28
good tower defence game.., as with other tower defence games you can replay levels. with this you can upgrade to top level on the first level if you want to and reduce the possibilities of defeat in later levels.

#2 Figsak 2011-07-03 20:29
Decent TD. It seems to be poorly balanced though, as certain enemy types go from decently tough, to impossibly invincible within a few waves.

3/5 stars
#1 DMs choice 2011-07-01 16:18
Stands out from other TD games I know in that the enemies don't follow a fixed path and that you can place your turrets as a phalanx against the incoming attackers, even into their path (they search for a new path around your defenses then). It also has interesting upgrade trees. However, I found the game to be really hard and challenging. Getting punched down that way already on the second level is no fun. But possibly, that's just me. If at least you would get some upgrade points even from failed missions...
But otherwise it seems pretty solid.
I give 3 stars out of 5.

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