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Rating: 3.41/5 - 7505 Plays
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Genre: Sport

This is sequel to PowerPool Game. Creators added 2 new table shapes to play on - a pentagonal shape and a 'cross' shape. There's also a new powerup ball that makes the cueball so big it can't get sunk so you can smack it round with impunity. Each table has 20 different unique levels to play, and on each table its possible to rack up gigantic combos and points tallies.



Use YOUR MOUSE to click the white ball, hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON down and drag around to set the power and direction of your shoot, release to hit the ball. Click the question mark any time if you want to see what all the power-ups balls do.
Your quest in this strategic fighting game is to retrieve the sky harbor in a cool tug of war defense game. Build camps, train troops, collect gold, use magic powers and upgrade your technology.



#5 MisterD 2014-08-03 20:52
Just as good as the first one, with the added bonus of a choice of tables.

#4 Ragnar 2012-05-06 21:21
I like this a pool game I can play 4/5
#3 harrier0 2012-04-27 13:58
I'm increasing my score to 5/5!!
#2 harrier0 2011-12-18 22:17
Similar to first game but with choice oftable etc. Greta game 4/5
+2 #1 fergusferret 2011-12-03 16:08
nice physics based game with a possibility of getting high score if you have patience and a good eye.


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