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Rating: 4.07/5 - 11675 Plays
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Genre: RPG

MARDEK is an epic Flash RPG in the style of NES and SNES RPGs, like the early Final Fantasy games.

MARDEK is an epic Flash RPG in the style of NES and SNES RPGs, like the early Final Fantasy games. It is highly story-driven, featuring a setting that merges swords-and-sorcery Fantasy with sci-fi. It will be eight chapters long. This is the first, introductory chapter. Mardek and his friend Deugan are heroes, on their way to slay a dragon to save a princess!!


- Move with the arrow keys
- ENTER opens the menu
- X key is used to progress through menus, open doors, talk to NPCs, etc.
- A, S and D are used for ‘reactions’ in battle.
- Use the mouse for everything else.



#8 fergusferret 2016-05-24 18:35
very short game and as others said dated graphics style but this kind of goes well with the game. potential for something great if it is followed through and not crapped up like some I could name but will not.

4/5 for the promising start
#7 swallanoob 2012-07-09 11:23
how do you get aog-points, i don't know because iam new here :-)
#6 Ragnar 2012-05-24 23:57
2/5 from me
#5 harrier0 2012-03-25 21:02
Keep the music turned down quite a bit and this isn't such a bad game. Try and forgive the graphics and theres a good story lurking in there with some corny jokes as well!4/5
#4 BDJ 2012-03-14 16:31
Sorry. I can't get 'past' the graphics to 'get into' this game. Waaay too retro for me. :sad:

#3 Tharyl 2011-11-23 13:29
Does this still works? Only a blank page with script errors for me...
+1 #2 Jouishy 2010-07-11 04:39
An interesting and intriguing story. Controls could be a little be better and more intuitive, but everything else is really good.

This part is only the introduction of a promiseful story. One hour should be enough to complete it. I'm eager to play the second part.
#1 Jouishy 2010-07-11 04:37
Une histoire très intéressnte et intrigante. Les contrôles pourraient être un peu améliorés et plus intuitifs, mais pour le reste, rien à redire. À tous les amateurs de RPG, ce jeu en vaut le détour.

Cette première partie n'est qu'une introduction à une histoire prometteuse. Prévoyez une petite heure pour la compléter.

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