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Rating: 2.55/5 - 3637 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

In this physics puzzle game your goal is to arrange the blocks on the screen according to the dotted lines. To do this simply use your mouse to click to on them and they will disappear, but choose your blocks carefully since you only have certain moves to do for each round.



Click the block to make it disappear.




-1 #4 DMs choice 2012-09-28 12:46
Very easy puzzle, but I gave up at level 22.
I even consulted the walkthrough, and I'm doing everything as shown there.
It simply doesn't work.
The blocks don't drop in the same way as they do in the walkthrough.
Anyway, it's otherwise neither very challenging nor especially creative, so 2/5 from me.
-1 #3 harrier0 2012-09-27 19:11
A little childish but quite entertaining although after a dozen or so levels started to get a bit boring.3/5
-1 #2 fergusferret 2012-09-26 21:40
decent puzzle game with a few tricky bits in it.

level 23 is a very hard one relying on luck more than skill I think.

take time to look at how the blocks are located and click only when you are sure they are correct to be removed.

-1 #1 earth 2012-09-26 20:04
decent click to remove puzzle, ok graphics etc, game's audience is bit older than what can be found from here, easy gameplay but game gets boring quickly.

ovewrall ok game but gets boring after few levels, younger audience might like this more.

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