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Rating: 2.52/5 - 4117 Plays
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Genre: Puzzle

Help the gnome to clear up the level from heaps of candies using the cannon. Each level can be completed in different ways, try to find the best one.



Use your mouse to shoot. Connect three or more candies of the same colour to knock them down. The number of shots is limited but you can get additional ones for knocking down bigger groups of candies. To earn a gold star you must save a quarter of your ammo. Each five gold stars open a new bonus level.



-1 #5 Spazio1999 2012-04-20 23:57
-1 #4 DMs choice 2011-12-21 22:13
And the Award for The Most Senseless Intro goes to.... :D

Well, no. This kind of bubbleshooting is not my thing. I don't even have any comparative values. It seems to work reasonably, but I don't feel entertained.
2/5 stars
-1 #3 fergusferret 2011-12-21 00:33
shot accuracy is crap.., no really way to get shots on target

some shots hit the roof and stick in nowhere while others bounce off the roof and you lose it.

-1 #2 earth 2011-12-20 23:52
fun for while then it gewts boring.

copy from bubblrshooter.
-1 #1 harrier0 2011-12-20 21:13
Quite enloyed the game but there is a problem with the accuracy of aiming which doesn't always deliver the shot where you want it to go. Whilst it 'sticks' to what ever shot it touches on the way through sometimes it will look for somewhere to stick which makes life difficult. Still like it so 3/5

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