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Rating: 3.37/5 - 5994 Plays
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Genre: Adventure

a humorous action/adventure game featuring cutscenes and voice acting. Take the role of a masculine hero named Von Wanst and set out on an adventure, but don't forget to dress yourself up before you do! You will talk to quirky characters and receive quests, which will be written on your arm in case you forget. You will face great danger and likely lose some teeth as you attempt to complete these quests. Your teeth are your health, so it's important that you replace them.






#5 Figsak 2013-02-04 16:54
Very amusing, just like the first. Couple upsides and downsides from the 1st installment. Upsides are you can see the alternate endings without having to replay the entire game.

Downsides are that this one tends to be a little less humorous and a little more frustrating.

Overall, very much worth completing.

4/5 stars
#4 fergusferret 2012-12-10 22:28
fairly straight forward puzzle game with less choices than the first of the series.

I seem to have got most of the choices right first time but there are 2 other possible endings I have not gone into yet as there are as usual 3 doors at the end and the ghost king that I would like to know if it can be killed.

other than that it is a 1 play game really. I may try again but I am more than likely to not bother

#3 killergods9000 2012-12-07 23:28
8) i like it 4/5
#2 earth 2012-12-07 21:25
not bad adventure game except bit dumb and bit difficult, good graphics and nice sounds and nice but bit irritiating voice acting and ok music, at least 2 dumb missions (I got enuf in goblin tower since no idea how many ears I had got and couldn't get out of there), no idea what's the use of edibles since those didn't seem to do anything, bit bad but working.

overall nice game but gets on nerves quickly.
#1 DMs choice 2012-12-07 16:13
I enjoyed it the first time I played it. Barely comparable with the first one, because more elaborate, longer and adventure-game-like. Still, it relies strongly on puzzle elements, and I got stuck a few times. Just keep in mind, that the game's "hero" is a ruthless bastard! :lol:
In any case, it's as weirdly hilarious as the first, but it offers as few choices within the story as well. Which is supposed to mean, once you played it through there's barely a reason to play it again. Typical crux of a puzzle game.
Since I recommended it, I hand out 4/5 stars, hoping for a real Lucky Tower-RPG with fully customizable characters. 8)

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