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Rating: 1.25/5 - 3049 Plays
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Genre: Action, Shooter

How long will you survive your own boomerangs? Standing on top of the famous “Little Ninja Hill”, Chang has been under attack for decades. But he is getting tired and now, he needs your help to survive… So let’s help Chang by throwing boomerangs, a skill he masters like no one else does. But take care, because the biggest threat is… you!



up to jump, right to shoot




#4 MisterD 2015-05-16 21:10
Well I'm trying hard to find reasons to give this more than just one point ... the music is okay and at least it doesn't crash.

But overall it's just a really poor game.

+1 #3 earth 2015-05-16 19:36
DM: I think Fabivs has gotten threads mixed. :P

stupid game with limited controls and high difficulty due its difficult to see if ship goes over head or not and char shoots only on 1 direction and own ammo can kill char, decent graphs etc.

overall stupid and overdifficult game where timing is everything and sometimes even that doesn't help.
+1 #2 fergusferret 2015-05-16 15:34
I have seen some crap games but and this is amongst them swimming in the gutter but not quire down the drain. seems to be a good idea but on reflection that jump and boomerang throw is so lame it is not worth points really but it gets lowest I can give

+1 #1 DMs choice 2015-05-16 08:42
Didn't I already warn of this game? :-?
Maybe I didn't because I thought it was so bad that it wouldn't appear here anyway...

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