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Rating: 1.33/5 - 3228 Plays
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Genre: Action, Platform

The keyboard-smashingly tricky platformer you never asked for.



Ctl (or F) to run, Spacebar (or G) to jump. Collect as many stars as you can and reach the flagpole. Stars unlock worlds. M = Mute; H = Help (in-game); P = Pause (or click the Pause icon); Arrow Keys = next/previous (in Pause menu) Note: I noticed a glitch in World 5 which sometimes causes Evil Clones to look like regular clones. After 1 death, the glitch corrects itself. Sorry about that. Will fix in a future update.




#5 spinningfan 2014-10-02 23:37
Nobody said it was easy, but now I do! :D This is fun!
#4 MisterD 2014-08-09 19:26
We never asked for this and we never will, because it's dreadful!

Doesn't even deserve 1 star!!

+1 #3 DMs choice 2014-08-09 08:14
It gives me the feeling that the creators originally wanted to make a standard platformer, which happened to have control glitch - and then thought: Let's not fix that glitch, but construct a game around it!
Nobody said it was a good idea, either
+1 #2 fergusferret 2014-08-08 23:23
absolute crap... not worth the short time it takes to load up

+1 #1 earth 2014-08-08 21:08
otherwise normal difficult platformer but controls are piece of s*it which cause alot deaths and need to start from beginning of level, crappy graphics and sounds.

overall difficult game due bad controls which make game unplayable.

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