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Rating: 3.00/5 - 7021 Plays
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Genre: Action

MegaAction with Zombies!



In-Game Instructions.




+1 #3 sylvan_surfer 2013-09-04 16:29
Loved the game for its intensity and immersion, plus it's truly action paced and it delivers.

I think the money and upgradces mechanics could be better balanced. Upgrades seem overpriced later on given the amount of money you can gather. There are too many things you can spend on in the beginning (which can be fun) and later on I found out everything was important and expensive because the game gets progressively gritty. I guess this is a good thing since it's a survival theme. It's just the higher upgrades felt out of synch with the money progression and I found myself dying too much to gather resources and go on.
#2 earth 2013-08-30 20:07
basically what fergus said, guns (non-upgraded) are crappy or zombies are half superman, guns can be bought more (4) and upgraded too (alot) once gets to special place but upgrading and buying costs quite much, ammos (other thsn pistol) appear to be limited but those can be bought more, car can be repaired (if finds garage) and bought guns too (although I have no idea how those work), ok graphics with ok sounds (and nice speeches) and somewhat nice music.

overall ok game except pistol requires quite much upgrading before is as deadly as it should be but that costs money (rp) which is gotten from killing zombies, soldiers can be boosted (steroids) and healed when finds church (weirdly), other guns have limited ammo but upgrading capacity helps on that and there are enuf replenish points (if has money), driving is bit awkward but works.
#1 fergusferret 2013-08-30 13:33
ok this is a bad game as far as I can see so far. guns are ineffective. I shot the first of the zombies to come close and it just kept coming even after 6 shots to the head which would normally make the head disappear at the very least and thus kill it. it appears to take 12 shots to kill a zombie on the bonnet of the vehicle. so a full on impact and 12 bullets is just a tad too much of a requirement for killing something that usually takes a lot less to deal with.

good points are that you can modify the controls of the vehicle you are driving.

not really my type of game but it seems to be playable even though the soldier seems seems to have a .22 air pistol for defence.


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