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Rating: 3.31/5 - 6200 Plays
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Genre: Action

Use an arsenal of weaponry and hire allies to protect your base from wave after wave of enemy attack.



In-game instructions.




#5 DMC 2016-04-23 04:40
Good game, I found it enjoyable.

The best tip is to max upgrade your current weapon asap and use that for a couple of levels before switching to the next higher one. Missions can be replayed to gain money. Your team also needs to be upgraded when you switch weapons as well.

With the right upgraded weapon and team, you should be able to get all 3 stars for each mission.

NOTE : As soon as the screen loads, pan left and start taking out the enemy when they enter the screen, that will help reduce amount of enemy shooting your team.

Since I don't like side scrolling FPS games all that much I give this a 3/5
#4 Ragnar 2013-08-02 00:51
Yep finished the game in I guess hour and half - made enough money with the minimum of replay to earn enough to upgrade to the heavy machine gun and attachments. I think 4/5 is fair for the effort that has gone into the game.
#3 Ragnar 2013-08-02 00:10
Must disagree with Jairone on this one - found it a fairly simple shooter game. Very nicely done - enough money earned easily to upgrade to Ak47 with all attachments and soldiers - found 2 snipers 1 officer 1 medic and 1 officer a good combo. The attachments like scope, trigger, magazine, increase ammo etc. Didn't find the advertisements too much of a problem - site needs the money. Good effort 4/5
#2 Jairone 2013-08-01 20:15
Throw this one in the trash heap.
1. Accuracy is a major issue, and buying new guns is worthless until you can outfit them with better parts to hit a higher level of accuracy.
2. The game slows down when you hit a headshot, but this just works to throw off your aim on the next target.
3. Advertisements between every level.
1/5 due to advertisements and horrible accuracy simulations.
#1 earth 2013-08-01 19:56
very nice shooter/defend the base, its good that enviroment is now jungle instead city (only bad thing is that trees block view somewhat), nice amount of guns and upgrades for guns to buy, only mouse play is good (unless if plays via touchpad), allies can be hired but amount of those is limited (and bit weirdly medic is repaiperson), lots of enemies to kill (maybe bit too much), money is given nicely but more wouldn't hurt, very nice graphics (zoomed and unzoomed) and nice sounds and very nice music.

overall good game where isn't much bad things, replaying is needed to get better guns and upgrades for those.

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