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Rating: 1.43/5 - 4315 Plays
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Genre: Action

A nice fast peaced action-defense game.



In-game instructions.




#2 earth 2013-07-30 19:56
what fergus said, good idea but that's it, it takes long time to get funds to buy better weapom (played hacked version and rockets seem to be best since weaps after rockets are shoot and wait recharging) or upgrades, radar is useless since it doesn't show anything and enemies directions are shown as dot, quite nice graphics and rest but rest is crap.

overall bad game (another and 3rd in row) where nothing is working as player would want (crappy starting gun which doesn't do much damage (or enemies have good armor (unlike player's char (I lost half armor in 2nd mission)) and text is unreadable mostly and everything costs fortune but player gets pennies after each mission).
#1 fergusferret 2013-07-30 18:38
long range weapon with a close range attack mode and the long range weapon is about as good as a pea shooter in a hurricane. I always take a jaundiced view of anything saying fast paced, action and defence in the same sentence.

the character can shoot a fair distance but cannot hit a barn door from 2 feet away so the gun is useless really. no real sight of anything further than a few feet way and the radar is about as good.

1/5 for a crap game

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