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Rating: 3.28/5 - 5727 Plays
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Genre: Action

Berzerk Ball 2 is the sequel to the geek-bashing launch game, Homerun in Berzerk Land. Create a geek, and hit him as far as possible to gain experience and money. Spend your money on weapons and items that will increase your character's stats, allowing you to hit the geek the harder and farther. Your character and team will both gain experience. When your team gains enough experience to level up, you will receive a point, which you can use to upgrade a skill of any character on your team.



In-game tutorial.



#5 fergusferret 2016-07-26 23:13
have to agree with jairone on this game and cannot really add any more than has already been said

#4 MisterD 2014-11-19 23:45
Another variant of the launching game in the Berzerk series. You can find the others also on AoG if you want to go looking.

They're not for me though.

+1 #3 Figsak 2013-02-07 01:12
Probably the best launcher game available.

It has depth, upgrades, challenges, humor, great sound and looks, just the whole package.

In terms of action games, this one will keep you engaged and entertained for days.

4/5 stars
+1 #2 earth 2013-01-14 21:29
nice hit and toss and hit again game, idea is same thjan in 1st and other games, plenty things to buy and alot upgrades (although needs to play long time until gets to buy most expensive things even once and upgrades per hitter are limited), money is given nicely to keep players playing to have some new weapons, metal is given sometimes (I got 1 iron bar), very nice graphics (prolly same as in 1st game) and very nice sounds and effects (same as before) and music (same as before), only 1 landscape is bit boring and those total stoppers are still bad (in every game in same game).

overall very nice sequel to waste a while (different thing is if wants to keep playing that long that gets to goal).
#1 Jairone 2013-01-14 12:27
Not a bad toss style game, however it is not superb either. The game does what it does well, and the variety of stats, items, and powerups is good.
Challenges add to the game nicely.
On the down side, transitions to new areas blank the screen for a bit, making you guess if you want to use a hit or not. The 'learning to glide' minigame has too strong an element of luck to it, since creeps can easily force you to go very high very quickly. As per the first game, the jokes are rather annoying and focus on poo or something related to nerds but taken too far... and without a great deal of wit actually involved (Some of them are good still, such as the binary joke, but the bad ones are in the majority.) *Sense of humor may change how you view the jokes, and to each their own!*
Overall, 3/5. The game does a good job with what it does, and the minigames and sideline activities are good. There are things that could make it much better, but that does not prevent it from being a decent time waster.

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