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Rating: 3.20/5 - 3989 Plays
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Genre: Action

Your mission in this great fighting internet game is to defeat all your opponents and become the master. Chaos Fiction contains 29 weapons, 18 characters and 15 levels. There are 3 different modes of gameplay: CAMPAIGN: Defeat the boss of each arena to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels. DEATHMATCH: Create your own custom game with your own teams, settings and rules in a melee style blood-bath. SURVIVAL: Defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the online scoreboard.



Use ARROW KEYS to move your hero. Press "Z" KEY for attack 1 and "X" KEY for attack 2.



#2 earth 2012-12-03 21:17
nice battle game although game where characters are is better, nice graphics and sounds and music, easy controls (don't help much since death is close all the time due hectic battle), nice weapons although fists seem to be quite uneffective.

overall nice game to waste time bit or alot.
#1 fergusferret 2012-12-03 19:27
this is one strange game and not u like a few of the frenetic fight games that we sometimes get on this site.

Not really my type of game but it looks and plays well up to a point.

no upgrades but lots of characters to choose from in later levels, and a few bonus characters as well.


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