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Rating: 3.29/5 - 7836 Plays
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Genre: Action, Strategy

Meet new sequel of endless war! Your objective in this game is to support the army with your tank. Take part on the action of Eastern front of WWII and push aside nazis. Pass all levels from the advance of enemy army till the counterattack! Open new types of tanks and earn points to upgrade your skills.



Press G or F to chose the gun, use Q or E to choose the turret. Press SPACEBAR for air suport and WASD to move. Use your mouse to aim and shoot.




+1 #5 Apollo 2012-09-30 13:24
20 levels to reach the Reichstag in Berlin.

For us who don't like WASD controls, it might take a little while to get used to it, and also how to control the turrets, but after that things ain't that rough as you get good support from the air.

A good thing is that you can replay previous levels, trying different tanks, and learn a bit more about those WW2 monsters.
-1 #4 earth 2012-09-27 20:08
not bad wargame, ok graphics and sounds, enuf upgrades a while, nice amount of tanks (some usable some not prolly), bad controls and bit weird accuracy (can't be sure if target is hit when shoots it), lotsa enemies to kill, no big difference to 5th game.

overall ok game but bit boring since all levels are quite same.
-1 #3 harrier0 2012-09-27 19:30
Never was very good at this type of game and this one is also not for me. I found the jerky screen as you move your tank very off putting. Looks good however with plenty to try and achieve so 3/5
-1 #2 fergusferret 2012-09-27 12:41
as usual the wasd controls are bad news but the optioins menu allows re-assignation of all the controls to a set you can use. same system as the rest of the series.
-1 #1 fergusferret 2012-09-27 12:39
fairly simple attack and defence game with lots of enemies and one tank you can control with others in support but not under your control.

big tip ... keep your vehicle moving and circle if you have to to keep close to a target so you get to hit them and they have a less accurate hit rate than you do. do not get too close or you get hit more and do not go into your own men on the ground as they stop your movement and they just stand there blocking the route.

all in all a passable game in the series but nothing really new to the rest that came before

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