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Rating: 3.06/5 - 7511 Plays
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Genre: Action

Become a Stealth Hunter!



Use the arrow keys to move. See the in-game instructions for more details.
Your quest in this strategic fighting game is to retrieve the sky harbor in a cool tug of war defense game. Build camps, train troops, collect gold, use magic powers and upgrade your technology.



+1 #5 Figsak 2011-10-20 22:53

Perhaps this is a broken game?

Yes the controls are f'd up, and what's with level 2? It doesn't even pretend to be possible. It's like being sat in the middle of a well lit room with 4 nuns watching you and being told to rub 1 out without them noticing.

1/5 stars for being broken.
-1 #4 harrier0 2011-10-18 14:25
Very repetitive with nothing to make me want to play for very long.2/5
-1 #3 fergusferret 2011-10-17 21:12
difficult to play and repetitive as darkstar suggests. not one to return to and try again.

-1 #2 DMs choice 2011-10-17 16:25
Already tried that on some other site. Likewise found second level impossible, and since the complete game was not to my liking I just gave up.
I won't even bother to play it here.
From my view, 1 star out of 5.
-1 #1 DarkStar 2011-10-17 09:20
I found the second level impossible at first -.-
Didnt really appeal to me anyway.
The controls are clunky, the graphics are not very good and gets repetitive

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