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Rating: 3.84/5 - 7938 Plays
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Genre: Action-Shooter

Crush zombies like insects!




Mouse to aim and shoot.

Z,X or <> to switch weapons.

SPACEBAR for inventory.

ESC for main menu.

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#7 fergusferret 2017-06-16 16:35
a fun game for what it is worth. played it elsewhere as well as a few others in the list here .. can get a bit boring after a few levels of the same thing but the different weapons do make the boredom less of a distraction. however not really the type of game i like.

#6 DMC 2016-05-15 15:32
OK, definitely fun and kept me entertained for hours. I unlocked every weapon available and completed all but the last 2 achievements. Game progress is 96% and I'm at level 51. I'm giving this 4/5
#5 harrier0 2012-02-28 20:53
Well that was fun!! Don't think that I could play it through to a finish as I feel it would become a little stale, but for a short blast I quite liked it.3/5
#4 Figsak 2011-06-11 16:00
Like the first one, this is a very satisfying little time killer. Not enough of a change here to convince me to play through the whole thing like I did the first, but that's just because I don't have very much patience.

Decent game.

3/5 stars
+1 #3 Danqazmlp 2011-06-07 20:04
Much like DMs choice, I've played this elsewhere before. It is a great game, and personally I preferred it to the original. This version was much easier due to zombies being slower than bugs, but just as satisfying. Some of the achievements were easier too such as headshots with an anvil.

Very good add-on to the original, even if I haven't managed to fully complete it.
+1 #2 DMs choice 2011-06-07 17:31
Already played through it elsewhere, since I didn't expect that this would appear here. ;-)
I liked the original Insectonator better for its greater varieties of targets, but finding the correct target in the according game mode is a greater challenge here, and zombie mode has more "achievements".
All in all, incredible how challenging a game can be that poses no threat to the player's figure.
Although...try hitting a nuke with a lightning, before it vanishes :lol:
4/5 stars.
+1 #1 TheZman 2011-06-07 16:14
jaw dropping graphics for the opening X) well put together, but a little repetitive and gets kinda old. It still tugs at my sadistic strings though :) 4/5

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