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But police brutality and NFL are two themes which have been fairly
Discussion started by Megaomgchen , on 17 November 01:14 AM

They're like, not doing anything. Some art man somewhere spent 15 minutes putting platitudes on a black background and they tweeted out it. I have seen a dozen of these already and Madden 21 coins it's about as useful as putting about the rainbow icons for pleasure. It's advertising in a tragedy by trying to seem shaky. Maybe, but I think it's something. Half the replies I found on Twitter were folks freaking out about it. The one I enjoyed the most was,"But video games are a perfect distraction for stressful times like these!"

But police brutality and NFL are two themes which have been fairly well intertwined with each other these last couple of years due to all the protests. And there are a decent amount of soccer fans who do not"get it" (see Mike Pence, or invest over 5 minutes with my conservative father in law), so even if it's just a trailer to get a silly Madden game, I will take it. Maybe it is going to help knock some sense into somebody. If not, maybe it'll piss off them, I'm fine with that too, because fuck em. And they also could have achieved nothing. They could have waited a week or two for this to blow over and released it afterward. This manner receives the message out there, even when they've silly business motives, it's far better than nothing. There's many companies and many celebrities saying and doing nothing. I respect anyone who's speaking up.

They could have just quietly made no statement and sent hundreds of emails out to the press stating they were delaying the afternoon they had been officially releasing the trailer. That tweet probably also needed to get approval from some people quite high up. Sure they can do more, but they certainly could do less. Maybe this paves the way for more large gaming companies making pseudo political announcements? Majority of bigger announcements planned for this week when that somehow doesn't get a peaceful resolution in the upcoming few days. Bringing any focus on the protests assists the protests. Doesn't matter if they are profiting from it. I couldn't have stated it better. Who cares if they stand to gain off it... Which I truly don't think that they will profit more than they just didn't say anything. It's quite literally the lack of advertising. They're specifically not holding their event/reveal.

It is advertising. Anything posted on a brand's social media is advertisements. To be fair, this is the first I've heard about the reveal. It is currently on my radar due to cheap Madden nfl 21 coins this tweet, therefore it is still advertising. This is not doing anything though and quite frankly some people have had our intelligence insulted way too much with all the slew of dumb fucking"we stand together with you through covid" ads by firms lately. These same companies who are actively fucking over their employees during this pandemic. Like seriously, Amazon of fucking companies has a God damn covid advertisement with some asshole preaching about how much the company is doing to protect it's workers which those who have followed recent events will know is complete fucking bullshit. It's a damn joke frankly.

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