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Rating: 3.16/5 - 3974 Giocate
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Genre: Adventure, Other

You are a mighty warrior, and you spend your life doing quests for various NPC in a medieval fantastic setting. But what if your whole world disappeared and there were no more colors, no more details ? Even the way people talk has changed, only the essential words are left. Solve the puzzles and get the world back the way it was. Or not?



In-game Instructions.




#3 MisterD 2014-09-20 12:05
Trying to load this gives me a "Download the latest Adobe Flash Player" message in Google Chrome.

I have the latest up-to-date version of Google Chrome (which has Adobe Flash Player built-in), so I can only assume there's something wrong with the detection code within the app.

Sorry, but only one score is possible.

#2 earth 2013-05-06 20:11
strange puzzler, alot hints given about what to do but still player is bit clueless on what to do, bit weird story, nice graphics.

overall weird game with weird story and weird things player is supposed to do, short game if figures what to do (I used walkthrough few times).
+1 #1 fergusferret 2013-05-06 12:25
strangely compelling game. hint to finish it.., collect all and place all to pass. that should be a good enough hint.

4/5 for the effort despite its shortness.

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