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Rating: 2.80/5 - 3786 Giocate
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Genre: Launch

You’ve just started an easy job at an ice cream shop on a laidback tropical island, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie’s loyal customers arrive on the island for vacation! In this new installment in Papa Louie’s restaurant series, you’ll need to add ingredients, blend syrups and ice cream, add toppings, and serve the unique Freezeria Sundaes to your waiting customers.



Use the mouse to switch between stations, take orders, and make sundaes.
More instructions in the in-game tutorial.




#3 MisterD 2014-12-02 21:24
Another game in the Papa's series this time based around an ice cream parlour.

Same basic ideas as the others.

#2 fergusferret 2012-09-07 20:11
not my type of game but some will like it as there are a few of this type of game out there.

gist of the game is to fill as many orders as you can in as fast a time as you can.

#1 wolfbeast 2012-06-30 06:15
i really like these games. only thing is you fell real rushed in the latter lvls. but thats what makes it fun


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