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Rating: 1.44/5 - 3487 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy, TD

This is a little light tower defence game I put together over the past week. It features 8 turrets, 4 maps, online leader boards, NG medals and some cool tunezzz.



-Mouse : buy, place and sell turrets -Escape key : cancel a purchase. Hints and tips; -Frost turrets freeze enemies -Catapult turrets do high damage against frozen enemies -Some maps are harder than others. If you're having trouble winning a game, maybe try a different map -The more rounds you survive, and the more credits and health you have at the end of the game, the higher your score will be.




-1 #5 olemonia84 2015-03-15 22:31
#4 jpankako 2015-03-06 13:16
"a little light tower defence game I put together over the past week" -comment should continue "...based on the light TD game I've already released over a year ago". An improvement over the previous one, for sure. This time I was able to maintain my interest throughout two fields prior to getting completely bored. Thus, 2/5. Three more weeks of similar development, and this may end up being a playable game...
#3 earth 2015-02-26 20:30
I agree with DM, very crappy td, for once money ain't problem since it is given alot vs towers prices (sadly only some have their use and rest are useless and no upgrading), sadly game is boring and apparently most of time has been spent on graphics (outside turrets and enemies) which are good and sounds and music are crappish.

overall another crappy td which bores player to dead.
#2 fergusferret 2015-02-26 20:20
hmmm place 3 towers in corners to start, then get a frost tower to slow them down and a canon catapult thing. the buy 3 of the large range things and try not to fall asleep. no indicators of hp, no real changes in the enemy other than it is clear they get more health as the rounds progress. made in a week the blurb says. I say it shows

2/5 (because it is still better than some of the crap we keep finding)
#1 DMs choice 2015-02-26 18:08
This is probably the most boring and unimaginative tower defense game I've ever seen.
Even Canterlot Siege is better... I'm just considering to recommend that :-|

1/5 stars for this lame joke of a game

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