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Rating: 3.38/5 - 13936 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy, TD

Welcome to Defend US! In this Tower Defense game, you need to buy turrets in order to defeat the enemy! Be sure they don't enter into the house. The game is in both english and spanish! At first, you'll just have 1 turret and 0 items, yeah, but you can unlock NINE more turrets and SIX items! You can do that by unlocking achievements (40!). Some achievements are directly linked to Newgrounds medal system (24). The map is generated randomly, and there are three different themes (Plains, Tundra, Lab). The waves are generated randomly too, so be sure you're not too unlucky (heheh...). If you have 50 or less health, the background music will change. This also happens if you have 25 or less health! This is important: turrets gain more exp as you reach higher waves, but enemies get stronger too, so a bad turret positioning may lead to death. One more thing: I need feedback! What do you think? Did you enjoyed the game? Did you found a bug? (Also, I'm not native, maybe there are some mistakes). You can tell me whatever you want by sending me a PM or just post a review.



>Click to select and place turret. You can click a turret to see extra info. >ESC to cancel or menu. >E to show/hide interface. TODO List: · Add an achievement list. · Add tips and hints. EDIT: game is a bit less difficult.




#7 Balordo 2015-02-11 10:01
So, for what I could see, if you manage to pass through the first 40 waves, there's no chance to lose anymore. With 20 bombers, 30 rockets, 15 freezing, 10 crimson and 20 portals, nothing can survive :-) (wave 75 now, and I have to quit)
+1 #6 DMs choice 2015-02-05 16:33
OK, I just quit my last game at wave 51, because it started to become pointless and got lagged down to a crawl long before.
It is somehow addictive, but also totally... I don't know... a waste of time :D
It's almost like...
the Space Invaders of Tower Defense games! :o
3/5 stars
+1 #5 DMs choice 2015-02-04 22:09
Does anyone get the electric turret? It seems to do nothing since its range is so short that it doesn't even reach the enemies.
#4 Balordo 2015-02-04 17:26
nice and funny game, maybe a little too easy. I reached wave 65 the first time I played, and I had to stop because I must go to work :)
#3 fergusferret 2015-02-04 13:05
an idea about getting towers upgraded better and more efficiently ;-)

try placing your starting towers close to the end but far enough to kill the enemies and newer towers can go closer to the beginning so they level up as they fire but the bigger guns do the damage later on.

I like this concept but it is easy to make a mistake and some towers have to start a lot closer to the track than they need to be later on in the game ... turret auto upgrade is not quite as bad as earth makes out most upgrades are auto really with the player just selecting the upgrade and the tower.

cash could be a little more available but not too much more. damage from later turrets doesn't seem to do much at all really but then it could need a group of towers rather than the few I used in the first game.

#2 MisterD 2015-02-03 23:28
Different kind of TD game, where the map is different every time.

I managed to get to level 48 on one map simply because the path looped back close to itself allowing me to build a huge array of turrets very close together around the loop. However, the game had some lag issues from about level 35 upwards.

The turret auto-upgrade feature is a new idea and generally works reasonably well.

Interesting ideas, so worth a try.

#1 earth 2015-02-03 20:47
decent td where only new thing is automatically leveling up turrets (good for turrets in beginning bad for turrets near home), idea is apparently to survive as long as possible (I got to wave 37) which ain't easy since enemies get tougher and tougher and level 1 turrets are somewhat useless against those (since even lvl 25 turret barely makes dent on enemy lvl 1 makes basically 0 dmg), turrets don't cost much but player don't exactly swim in money either and more turrets are gained by getting achievements, decent graphs and sounds.

overall decent td with few bad points aka turrets autolevel by xp they gain w/o player being able upgrade turrets, money is somewhat scarce and enemies become later basically unstoppable.

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