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Rating: 1.41/5 - 6113 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy

Conquer all 15 cities by winning battles against machines built for war. Each battle plays a little bit like Rock Paper Scissors, with the machines having three modes: twister, hurricane, and earthquake. At the start of every turn, you and your opponent must choose one of these modes. The player that picks the advantageous mode will attack while the other player defends. Machines have different sets of power-ups for each outcome (attack, defend, and draw). Click on a power-up before the timer expires to use it. Using power-ups depletes your machine's energy. At the end of each turn (3 rounds), you can choose to recharge your energy or repair your machine. The player that pushes the opposing machine off the cliff wins the battle. Buy and equip power-ups between battles to increase your chances of winning.



Mouse (In-game tutorial).




#4 hhhhhh 2013-01-13 02:52
Game stuck . Game is too unsecure maked . Ordinary .
#3 earth 2013-01-10 20:47
just plain stupid game, there's not much player can do and even those what player can do are useless and not that clear what they do/help, game is like playing paper-scissors-rocks against mindreader, nice graphics and sounds and music but those won't help much when game itself is stupid.

overall nice variationm of p-s-r game but since that game is difficult to win in rl then its more difficult in game.
-3 #2 fergusferret 2013-01-10 12:53
- commento ritunuto scarso - (show)
+2 #1 Jairone 2013-01-10 00:39
Random luck game is random luck game. Not really all that fun, and spamming levels to get the powers you need to counter random luck just doesn't make for a super great time.
When you can easily win or lose due to three quick random rps rolls it isn't so much a strategy game as a luck game. Calling such a game strategy insults the genre.
2/5... it may be fun for people who don't mind the random luck factor being so huge early on, but for those that do this game will be un-playable.

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