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Rating: 2.05/5 - 4438 Giocate
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Genre: Strategy, Tower Defence

Great game with new songs to play and some nice cosmetic changes! The music changes which towers will be most effective at any time in the game, so try and pay attention to what instruments are playing most!



Uses the mouse! The keyboard shortcuts are also displayed in game.




#2 earth 2012-10-17 20:07
bit weird td, weird idea, good graphics and ok sounds and good music, easy gameplay and simple tower placing, not much towers but no need to.

overall nice td but weird.
#1 fergusferret 2012-10-17 10:58
hmm.., odd game but easy to play and thus win if you take note of the weird analysis graphic at top left. it usually shows the best towers to use in defense.

placing towers is easy and is shown for the first part of the first level. all you have to remember is to put towers of the same type on each of the 2 rows you have. It is the same track throughout and there are no real surprises in the enemies you fight.., there are a finite number of musical notes available and the towers only have 2 upgrades available. There are specials available in the top row above the first track but so far I have used them just to see what they actually do. if you have a problem use these to reduce or even destroy the notes on the screen.

This isn't the best of the tower defence genre but it is a bit different from the norm. you have a very short track for the notes to appear on and you would be advised to follow the advice on the first level and add the end stops so that the notes are slowed or stopped at that point. I am unsure what would happen if a note reached that point as I have yet to have a note pass the towers in the middle of the screen. I am sure someone will enlighten on that prospect.

if you like varied maps and lots of different terrains then this is not for you. this is a sanitised tower defence game with a strict musical notation format.


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