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Rating: 3.92/5 - 6676 Giocate
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Genere: Strategia; TD

Un Tower Defense indimenticabile e imperdibile!




Tutorial nel gioco.



#6 DarkStar 2012-06-25 17:31
I love this series of game, pretty unique style of play so not for everyone I think 5/5
#5 Ragnar 2012-05-10 20:54
broke 1/5
#4 Figsak 2012-04-26 20:14
This TD is rather unique and fun, but I find it to be rather difficult in the later stages, and there is no real proper guage of which gem combination is the strongest or most effective. You kinds have to just wing it and it never seems to work for me.

Great series, just not as user friendly as some better ones.
#3 fergusferret 2012-02-23 14:04
looks like it is sat at 50% loading and not doing anything else
#2 harrier0 2012-01-08 16:54
Still not loading?
#1 harrier0 2011-07-14 15:33
Unfortunately doesn't want to load for me. Have tried several times.

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