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Rating: 2.89/5 - 15506 Giocate
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Genere: Strategia con elementi Rpg

Invia orde di soldati gnomici contro le basi del nemico!




Use arrows or WASD for move.



-2 #10 fancykm 2012-06-27 05:30
#9 Ragnar 2012-05-19 17:05
Piss poor game 2/5
#8 fergusferret 2012-04-10 17:39
artix is a name I recognise as part of and makes dragonfable where most of these characters come from.

There is a big bug it appears as I managed to get a boss in level 5 who was able to deal a lot of damage to my troops and had a few evil eyes flying around as well.

The concept is good but the mechanics ned to be fixed before it can get higher than a 2 for this as its top mark.

#7 harrier0 2011-07-04 21:17
Easy to maximise all variables and then its a massacre for the good guys (gnomes). Must be a bug somewhere as it resets back to level one after level five but lets you keep upgrades and experience. Good graphics but needs more work. 2/5
#6 cneilson 2011-05-11 05:20
Only thing really going for this game is it's ancestry. Needs a lot more gameplay and a much better script. An endgame would also be nice.
+1 #5 Sword2Soul 2011-05-02 17:35
Waaay to easy. Great start to a game but obviously unfinished. :(
Needs new animations/gimics for each weapon level unlocked not just armour of soldiers. More enemies (where are the enemy fliers?), more back grounds, longer story..etc. Keep it up!
#4 livelyoutlaw 2011-05-02 07:34
Super Simple game and no end concept...!!!
#3 TheZman 2011-05-01 21:32
Epic War 2 is the best base spawner. this one is crappy.
#2 blahquod 2011-05-01 18:12
its a peice of crap! it doesnt work!

i get to lvl 8 and it resets
#1 Figsak 2011-05-01 12:46
This troop spawning base vs. base genre is WAY overdone. If you're going to dip into that sludgy pool of generic crap, you have to stand out. Your game has to include unique features and it has to be very well done.

This game fails at that. The artwork is the only decent thing in this game. It's super short, and it starts over in a weird way after you beat it, without giving you any kind of end game congrats. The enemy is weak as crap and I only saw them use 3 types of units the whole game. The upgrades are generic. The units are generic. This game is generic incarnate.

If this was one of the first troop spawners to emerge, it would get a freakin 3. The fact that it is one of thousands, and it doesn't try very hard at all, it gets a 2.

2/5 stars

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