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Rating: 3.20/5 - 20331 Giocate
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Genere: RTS

Comanda la tua squadra di Elite alla conquista di tutti i punti strategici e vinci tutti le battaglie.



Mouse e leggere il tutorial nel gioco.

Use arrows or WASD for move.



#5 harrier0 2012-06-06 23:34
A bit too much mouse clicking to move troops around for me. A reasonble game that has good graphics and annoying music.3/5
+2 #4 BDJ 2012-05-10 20:59
Meh ...

Rate: 1/5

#3 Ragnar 2012-05-10 17:10
1/5 poor
+2 #2 fergusferret 2012-04-06 19:18
interesting game that would play better if it went past the end of the tutorial without freezing up and refusing to do anything else

+2 #1 Figsak 2011-03-09 01:28
A basic power point control game. It doesn't do the genre as well as some others do. It does have some fun features the others don't, but the basic game mechanic is poorly done. The enemy AI uses a very annoying attack patten that is more driven to make the map last forever than it is to actually conquer you. Also, having maps that are scaled out so that you have to scroll around to see portions of the map is just not acceptable in a game like this that requires fast thinking and faster action. You simply can't afford to lose those precious seconds scrolling around the map.

2/5 stars

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